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Substance: Sustanon + Stanozolol + Dianabol + Anastrozole + Clomid.
Packing: 6 amps + 100 pills + 100 pills + 20 pills + 40 pills

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Detailed instructions on the use of rate on the mass Sustanon + Stanozolol on days here.

the tutorial

Balkan Pharmaceuticals sustanon (a mix of Testosterone esters) 6 vials
Stanozolol Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Stanozolol) – 100 tablets (5 blisters)
Balkan Pharmaceuticals Danabol (Methandienone active substance) – 100 tablets (5 blisters)
Anastrozole Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Anastrozole) – 20 tablets (1 blister)
Clomid Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Clomiphene citrate) – 40 tablets (2 blisters)

Duration: 7 weeks+ 4 weeks PCT

For whom the course is Sustanon + Stanozolol + Dianabol

the Course is suitable for athletes with experience of the use of anabolic steroids. As the first it should not be used. The course is a logical continuation of the course Stanozolol + Dianabol with the addition of sustanon (a mix of Testosterone esters), which allows to count on more than first-rate, but the side effects will be greater if you do not approach planning wisely. In the first place on the course sustanon we added Anastrozole to prevent such side effects as gynecomastia, suppression of its own Testosterone, fat deposition on the female type. Another difference is a longer PCT, using the clomid.

the effect of the course Sustanon + Stanozolol + Dianabol

the Main effects from the course Sustanon + Stanozolol + Dianabol

the increase in muscle mass
increase power performance
the increased appetite on the course
the increase in the concentration of red blood cells, due to this there is an increase in endurance

Side effects:

Sustanon, as with any form of Testosterone, have properties be converted to estrogen because of this possible side effects such as: gynecomastia, fat deposition on the female type, the suppression of its own Testosterone. If you follow the schedule of taking medications in particular anastrozole, all the possible side effects of sustanon will pass you.

Stanozolol has properties to bring water out of joints and ligaments, because of this you often hear about injuries on the course stanozolol, but in combination with testosterone (in our case, with a mixture of Testosterone esters i.e. sustanon) this should be no problem, as Sustanon will not allow to bring water to such an extent.

the liver in a healthy person should not be, as the dosage of Dbol and stanozolol minimum, a healthy human liver can withstand the load 3 times more. But, if you have liver problems, the course is recommended to connect always. After the course you can take liv52 or Kars.

How to take a course of Sustanon + Stanozolol + Dianabol

Detailed chart of the course Stanozolol + Sustanon can be downloaded here

Sustanon to put 1 ampoule (1ml) a week. Don’t forget to warm up the syringe with custom before my shot!

Danabol drink from the first day 4 tablets every 4-5 hours

after danabol Stanozolol drink the same way.

you must Train 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program 45 min. But look at your condition, some don’t have time to recover during this time and you can reduce the amount of training.

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