Deca Durabolin 200mg (vial), British Dispensary


Manufacturer: British Dispensary.
Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate.
Packing: 200 mg/ml.

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Deca from British Dispensary:
the Active chemical substance:Nandrolone Decanoate (nandrolone decanoate) Manufacturer:British Dispensary Concentration:200 mg/ml Price is for:1 bottle (10ml)

1 bottle 10ml


Many athletes have certainly heard the name of the famous manufacturer British Dispensary. Of course, after the mention of the brand most people will understand that we are talking about the soundboard, of which the active substance is nandrolone. This form of the drug shows long-term effect due to the 7-10 day half-life.

Deca is one of the most popular options in bodybuilding, which provides an impressive growth and volume. In solo nandrolone is not as effective, but the combo is almost the perfect solution.

the Effects and features of the drug:

• Do quick weight

• there is No negative impact on the ligaments and joints

• Excellent pumping

• a Significant increase in strength and power endurance.

• the Bones become stronger

• Significantly increases anabolic activity

• Low androgenic index

• Minimal aromatization

• Rare injection due to prolonged exposure to active substances

• a Complete lack of rollback with proper PCT

Acceptance and dosage:

we Strongly recommend you to buy Deco together with any Testosterone ester, enanthate, or cypionate. These drugs will ensure the complete removal of all deficiencies deca durabolin. It is no secret that the rate of Nandrolones have progestinum activity, which greatly reduces the production of the hormone. That is why, in conjunction with the esters of Testosterone, this negative factor will disappear completely.

you will Often see the dosage for beginners and enthusiasts 300-400 mg/week by combining it with other steroids based on Testosterone, the dosage of which should be in 2 times above deck. Before you could often come across recommendations for taking nandrolone and Dbol is oral, but today we know that this version is noticeably inferior in conjunction with testosterone. It can be used as an additional option, at a dosage of Dbol 30-50 mg/day.

when talking about professional athletes used dosage start at 600 mg/week. and more. In the absence of a need for such doses, it is not recommended to inflate, given the number of side effects.

the Total duration of the course shall not be less than 6 weeks, although the best option would be a 10. Important to change Testosterone to this period, replacing the winstrol, turinabol, dbol, etc. This compote will provide up to 12 kg of mass, most of which will remain with proper PCT.

Possible side effects:

Though Deca has almost no conversion opportunities in female hormones, excessive doses can cause quite unpleasant side effects. During the course increases the level of prolactin, which will have a negative impact on the production of the hormone. As discussed above, this nuance is completely overlapped by adding Testosterone. That’s why the deck should not combine with such drugs as trenbolone etc that have progestinum activity.

If you overdose you can catch be the least popular option as Gino. In order to avoid such nuances, it is necessary to use different variants of prolactin inhibitors. For this purpose you can use the same Dostinex or Winstrol. Also the use of proviron is quite justified to avoid the possibility to get acquainted with Gino on their own experience.


it is Necessary to take a PCT after two weeks from the last injection. As already clarified, towards the end of the course is to connect Gonadotropin. For PCT you need to use Clomid in a dosage of up to 100 mg/day.

you want to avoid tamoxifen, as it is completely incompatible with nandrolone. As for PCT you can take Dostinex average dosage to half a tablet every 4 days. As an anti-estrogen good Anastrozole, using one tablet in a day.

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