Dry weight steroids


Manufacturer: Various.
Substance: Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol + Clomid + Anastrozole.
Packing: 2 vials x 20 ml + 160 pills + 40 pills + 20 pills

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a Course of steroids on the dry weight of the categories For the advanced:

Detailed instructions on the use rate of steroids in dry weight by day here.

Structure of the course: Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol + Clomid + Anastrozole

a Course of steroids on the dry weight includes: 2 vials (20 ml) Testosterone propionate, stanozolol 160 tablets, 40 tablets of clomid, 20 pills anastrozole

the Purpose and effect of the exchange rate:increase muscle mass, burn fat, increase power performance.

to suit this course of steroids on the dry weight of?

the Course is designed for athletes with experience in sports pharmacology. Not recommend people under the age of 20 years.

the Very definition of a course on lean muscle mass is very conditional, because any masonary course when properly adjusted diet and exercise can be considered a course on the dry weight. This course allows the most secure way to relief muscles. With proper nutrition , training and normal sensitivity to steroids it allows you to recruit from 6 to 12 kg regarding lean muscle mass. The course lasts for 6 weeks + 3 weeks PCT.

How to take a course on the dry weight of?

Detailed instructions for the application rate on dry mass can be downloaded here.

Testosterone Propionate put in a day 1 cube (1 vial is enough for 10 injections), Anastrozole in the first week drink 0.5 tablets at night through the day, then one pill at night every other day. Stanozolol drink 4 tablets each day (4-5 hours). For post-cycle Clomid therapy drink 4 tablets (2 morning and 2 at night) during the week, then another 6 days at 2 tablets daily (1 morning and 1 at night).

why the need For each drug?

Testosterone Propionate is the main drug on the basis of which to build a course. Short ester with the activity period of about 3 days. Included in the work day after the injection.Propionate (Propionate) is one of the most popular steroids to set of lean muscle mass. Suitable medication to athletes with any level of training. The main effects from the utilization of propionate: muscle growth, fat burning, drawing relief, increase power performance.

Stanozolol (strombafort) is used for relief. In conjunction with the testosterone propionate gives good definition to the muscle, although lean muscle growth has little effect. The drug significantly increases power output.

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor. According to the rules after ten days of the course to be tested on the content of estradiol in the body. Then to adjust the dosage of anastrozole for chickens. In most cases one does not do so in our course included the drug immediately, as 90% of the time you will need it and definitely will not be superfluous. Also, the drug prevents “flooding” of muscle mass makes it more relief that you need the nakurs on dry mass.

Clomid is an antiestrogen, which will be needed for post-cycle therapy to restore the production subdued in the course of their own Testosterone, used in PCT for the selective binding of estrogen in the blood.

Workout every other day (3-4 times per week)

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