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IGF-1LR3 1mg, ST ST from Bio Bio:

the Peptide IGF-1LR3 is a drug derived from natural insulin-like growth factor. Exerting a direct effect on cellular metabolism, it blocks the free flow of the glucose into the cells, forcing the human body to metabolize your own fat tissue.

in addition, insulin-like growth factor IGF has on the muscle tissue of the body anabolic effect, enhancing the natural protein synthesis and contributing to better assimilation of nutrients entering cells of the body, which improves the General condition of the person and his health.

the effect of the peptide IGF (insulin-like growth factor)

Active growth of lean muscle tissue.

Reducing the number of subcutaneous fat.

Normalization of functions of nerve cells and their rapid recovery.

A beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

to Purchase IGF and conduct its regular intake is shown as follows:

bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass and get rid of the subcutaneous fat;

athletes who need to increase their own power.

Especially important is the use of insulin-like growth factor during intense exercise and training, for example, before a competition. So buy IGF-1LR3 during this period is a mean to ensure a quick and effective recovery of the whole organism and its functions.

Side effects and contraindications

clinical trials and reviews about IGF-1LR3 indicate complete safety of the drug. Due to its natural origin, insulin-like growth factor does not cause any side effects and can act as a natural doping for the human body.

the Only warning is taking the peptide IGF-1LR3, you must strictly adhere to the instructions and recommended dosage.

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