L-Carnitin Strong 3000 mg (20 amp 25 ml), Power System


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L-Carnitin Strong 3000 mg (20 amp 25 ml) from the Power System

L-Carnitin Strong Power System – a unique complex of highly efficient components. It includes L-carnitine, caffeine and green tea extract. Their joint action aims to increase the energy potential of the organism, and also to stimulate the fat loss process.

the Amino acid L-carnitine helps to reduce levels of cholesterol, a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, causes pressure to normal, reduces the level of cholesterol. In addition, carnitine directs fatty cells in the place of their oxidation, and thus speeds up the process of fat burning. Allocated to the energy restores energy balance.

Caffeine due to its thermogenic effect increases calorie consumption to your every move. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of both mental and physical activities, helps relieve anxiety and depressive condition, accelerates the reaction. This will allow you to train in a good mood with the cost of more energy. Caffeine also helps reduce cravings and increases the level of adrenaline.

green tea Extract contains catechins, bioflavonoids, accelerating metabolic processes, which also helps to increase calorie consumption to your every move. In addition, the extract stimulated the production of “pleasure hormone” – dopamine, which creates elated mood. This will allow you to train with big desire. Also green tea extract helps to reduce appetite. Moreover, it is also a powerful antioxidant. br>
nutrients per serving (1/3 of the ampoule):

Calories – 1,3 kcal.
Protein – < 0.01 g
Carbohydrates < 0.1 g
Fats < 0.01 g
Zinc and 3.3 mg.
L-carnitine – 1000 mg.
Caffeine – 10 mg.
green tea Extract – 15 mg.
Polyphenol is 8.3 mg.

suggested use:

take 1/3 of the vial for 30-40 minutes before training. For best results take on an empty stomach.

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