L-Carnitine Comfortable Shape 2000 (20 amp), Maxler


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L-Carnitine Comfortable Shape 2000 (20 amp) from Maxler

L-Carnitine Comfortable Shape 2000 from the company Maxler — liquid carnitine in an easy to use ampoules. Each serving provides 2000 mg of high quality L-carnitine, which is quite enough to boost your stamina and activate the process of fat burning. br>
Carnitine is a vitamin — like amino acid, which is necessary for the body to gain energy from fatty acids. Carnitine reduces muscle fatigue during training sessions, increases endurance, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and helps to fight obesity. The maximum effect is observed in the intense aerobic workouts.

L-carnitine contributes to the rapid restoration of health, improved metabolism, increases immunity, restores the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes cardiovascular activity, calms the nervous system, gives a feeling of vivacity and good mood. Maximum fat burning effect of L-carnitine is shown in conjunction with intensive sports training – aerobics and fitness. The product is perfectly suitable for all kinds of professional sports.

the Composition of one ampoule of L-carnitine Comfortable Shape 2000 Is (25 ml):

Calories and 3.1
Carbohydrates – 0,5 g
Protein – 0.1 g
Fat 0.1 g

L-carnitine – 2000mg

How to take L-carnitine Comfortable Shape 2000 Is:

it is Recommended to drink one ampoule of the drug 30 minutes before workout.

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