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L-Carnitine Concentrate (1000 ml) from twinlab

L-Carnitine Concentrate from SciTec nutrition is an economical novelty in the market of sports nutrition! Each 1 liter bottle contains 100 servings of 1000 mg of high quality L-carnitine Carnipure for 2-3 months of daily use! Each bottle provides a convenient transparent measuring cap for dispensing the drug. br>
L-Carnitine Concentrate from natrol is not inferior in dosage and quality to any modern L-carnitine concentrate and at the same time is much cheaper than other analogues. Hurry up to make your choice! br>
L-carnitine remains the safest and most beneficial supplement for successful weight loss. Carnitine is involved in the transformation of fat into energy, improves muscle recovery after exercise, increases efficiency and promotes heart health. Taking L-carnitine improves the nutrition of the heart muscle, which allows you to do breathing exercises longer, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. br>
The Multipower L-carnitine liquid concentrated form is most convenient for selecting the optimal individual dosage for burning fat. br>
Recommendations for use:
Apply L-carnitine immediately before or during exercise. The application is not tied to aerobic training does not have a noticeable effect of fat burning, since L-carnitine works in tandem with oxygen. br>
the FAT + OXYGEN + L-carnitine = Energy

receiving another serving during training. When consuming L-carnitine, strive to reduce the carbohydrates in your diet! br>
Cooking recommendations: Dilute 10 ml of concentrate in 500 ml of water. br>
Ingredients: water, lactic acid , L-carnitine, fructose, potassium sorbate, sweetener. br>
Nutritional value:

serving of 10 ml
Calories 7 kcal
Proteins <0.01 g Carbohydrates 1 g
Fat <0,01 g
L-carnitine 1000 mg

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