Masteron 100mg (vial), Sp Labs


Manufacturer: SP Labs.
Substance: Drostanolone Propionate.
Packing: 100 mg/ml.

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Masteron from SP Labs:

the steroid Drostanolone propionate with the form of the active substance. Is taken in the form of injections. It has a pronounced androgenic and moderate anabolic effect. drostanolone turns into estradiol and does not aromatize. It has pronounced anti-estrogenic activity.

Features drostanolone

Drostanolone is used for muscle growth. The drug affects the nervous system.

Relieves fatigue and improves tone. The drug is indispensable in the period of pre-competition training athletes bodybuilders. Drostanolone gives muscles extra rigidity. The muscles become firm and elastic. Taking the drug, athletes seek to emphasize their strengths.

The skin becomes soft. The veins and muscle lines are clearly visible. To achieve the maximum effect of drostanolone, it is recommended to take the drug in combination with other steroids:

testosterone propionate
Instructions for use drostanolone

Allowable dosages of drostanolone range from 200 to 600 mg per week. It is recommended to take 100 mg of the drug every other day. Drostanolone is rapidly excreted from the body. It is therefore ideal for professional athletes. After long-term administration of drostanolone, post-course therapy is needed to restore hormone levels.

Side effects of drostanolone

Drostanolone is not toxic and harmless to the liver. Does not cause fluid retention. Steroid does not increase blood pressure and cholesterol. Side effects while taking drostanolone are extremely rare due to exceeding the permissible dosage. In some cases it is observed:

Prostate hypertrophy

Drostanolone is ideal for athletes of any level.

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