Nandrobol 250mg (vial) (MIX), Lyka Labs


Manufacturer: Lyka Labs.
Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate.
Packing: 250 mg/ml.

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Deca from Lyka Labs:
the Active chemical substance:Nandrolone Propionate 50mg, Nandrolone phenylpropionate 50mg, 50mg Nandrolone Cypionate, Nandrolone Decanoate 100mg. Manufacturer:Lyka Labs Concentration:250 mg/ml. Price for:1 vial

the Vial 10ml, 1ml/250 mg

this combination medication starts to work in just a few hours for 7-10 days. In contrast to the classical nandrolone decanoate or phenylpropionate rate of muscle growth will be more pronounced and fast due to the instant activation of the esters of the deck.

Nandrobol-250 is made known pharmacological laboratory in India Lyka Labs. At the moment the company produces the best nandrolone esters, including a mixture of nandrobol. The course on the basis of this drug should be used for a set of muscle mass. According to its results when used correctly in combination with other drugs and a reasonable PCT, you can save approximately 90-95% of muscle mass, i.e. to reduce the phenomenon of roll back to zero.

the Chemical formula of any nandrolone is a 19-testosterone. Different names of esters are talking about the length of the chain and the corresponding duration of excretion from the blood. In this preparation there are all kinds of decks, starting short and ending with the long one (Decanoate and Cypionate).

Effects of nandrolone rate:

Quick gains in lean muscle;
The increase in power performance in the range up to 8 repetitions;
The increase of power endurance of 10-12 or more repetitions;
A moderate accumulation of water;
The lack of slow effect on the soundboard;
Quick recovery between workouts;
Strengthening the Central nervous system and to conduct frequent refusal training;
No harm to liver;
Low percentage of conversion to the female hormone estrogen;
A rare opportunity to do the injections, but to see the effects of the deck almost immediately.

How to take androbol (nandrobol)?

General rules for the preparation of the course on the basis of androbol identical to any nandrolone, whether Decanoate or Phenylpropionate. I strongly recommend you to buy androbol with Testosterone esters, such as cypionate or enanthate. This will allow you to make and eaten rare injection. Combination with testosterone deliver Andron from all its negative effects, which I will discuss below.

the duration of the course of androbol must be at least 8 weeks, ideally 11-12. The drug has long esters that have a pronounced effect only on the extended courses. For beginners I suggest to use a minimal dosage of 250 mg per week. Burns chemists can increase the dose 2 times. The quantity of injectable Testosterone is possible to do in 1.5-2 times higher doses of nandrolone (total).

in Addition to the esters of the male hormone at the beginning of the course, you can use Dianabol, Turinabol, Stanozolol (if no liver problems). In the last weeks of steroid therapy enanthate and it is necessary to replace fast ether, for example testosterone propionate, for easier entry into post-cycle therapy.

Many professionals combine nandalal-250 Omnadren or sustanon, thereby making synergistic mixture. For this you need to have a lot of experience in the application of pharmacology and to know the response of your body. If you’re new, use only for combinations of single ester Testosterone.

Side effects of nandrolona

the Most common adverse effect is the so-called Deca-dick (drop in libido and lack of erection). To neutralize him directly on the course, you must use a powerful androgenic drugs like Testosterone. That’s why the ideal combination is androbol+Testosterone.

due to the progestin-only activity course nandrolone cannot be combined with similar drugs, such as Trenbolone or Anapolon. Gynecomastia is only possible with huge doses or the wrong combinations. If the nipples swelled and began itching as soon as you can start to take Proviron and Dostinex special medication inhibits the side effects of nandrolone.

PCT after the course nandrolone

Androbol consists of both quick and long esters. PCT starts 10-14 days after the final injection. 2 weeks before the end of the course, start to use Gonadotropin at 500 IU 1-2 times a week. Tamoxifen did not buy it, replace it with clomid. It is a feature of PCT after a nandrolone.

Clomid 50 or 100 mg per day. Dostinex can be used for PCT as a weapon against prolactin in the dosage of 1 tablet once a week. I also suggest to buy Anastrozole, and take on a PCT of 0.5-1 mg per day.

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