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Nitrix 2.0 (180 tablets) from BSN

to the grueling work of pumping up the muscle volume became really effective, the American company BSN offers to try her new product NITRIX 2.0. Excellent understanding of anatomy, physiology and sports techniques, the company’s specialists have developed BSN – booster vasodilator which exerts a powerful and lasting impact on the muscles, saturating them with nitrous oxide, oxygen and essential nutrients. Under the action of NITRIX 2.0 is a significant vasodilation that leads to increased blood flow velocity and the quicker and better the blood circulation in the muscle cells.

as part of the Nitrix 2.0 has several natural antioxidants that reduce harmful toxins in the muscle tissue. Thanks to the athletes noted an increase in stamina and slowing the failure of the muscle during the execution of the approach, the advancing of the oxidation of the muscles working under the influence of free radicals.

the Contents of two forms of creatine allows the mitochondria is much faster to restore the balance of ATP molecules after intake of the complex from the company BSN. The value of this process cannot be overstated, given that the speed of the resynthesis and the number of ATP in muscle cells directly affects their performance – strength and endurance!

several components Nitrix 2.0 provides an extension of the bloodstream, pumping into working muscles increased portions of blood. It not only nourishes them with nutrients, but also quickly flushes out accumulated toxins, such as lactic acid! It is through these components reviews athletes record powerful muscle-pump-effect after taking Nitrix 2.0.

Despite the maintenance of such a large number of effective ingredients, price Nitrix 2.0 is available to any athlete! br>
you will no Longer have to think about how to take different drugs that enhance a particular function in the body. Enough to buy Nitrix 2.0 from BSN at the best price in our shop to solving all their questions on improving the effectiveness of workouts!

amount per serving Nitrix 2.0 from BSN – 3 tablets

Niacin – 12 mg

a Proprietary blend of components 3.6 mg:

Matrix Concentrated Nitrix Composite:br>
Black pepper
Red pepper
grape seed Extract

Myogenic Matrix:

Creatine monohydrate
Anhydrous caffeine
Creatine hydrochloride

How to take Nitrix 2.0 from BSN:br>
it is Recommended to take 3 tablets 2 times a day for 40-60 minutes before the training and after its completion.

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