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Raspberry Ketones (90 caps) from SAN

the Raspberry Ketones from SAN is a natural ketones contained in raspberries and give them a characteristic sweet flavor. It is believed that raspberries (and more specifically raspberry ketones) helps to fight obesity by increasing the effectiveness of norepinephrine. br>
a Number of promising animal experiments and tests in vitro (in test tubes) have shown that raspberry ketones (the same as those that are part of the drug SAN Raspberry Ketones) can increase metabolism by accelerating the oxidation of fatty acids. br>
Raspberry ketones have on the body different actions that lead to fat loss:
1. Increase the release of fat from fat deposits (a process called lipolysis).
2. Increase energy expenditure by stimulating thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue.
3. Stimulate fat burning.
4. Increase the level of the hormone adiponectin.
5. Inhibit the synthesis of fat while excess fructose (sugar) and prevent the accumulation of fat.
6. Prevent the absorption of fat. br>
of Particular interest is the effect of raspberry ketones on brown adipose tissue and adiponectin. br>
Brown adipose tissue is a fat tissue that produces heat instead of increasing fat. Previously it was believed that drilling adipose tissue in significant quantities only in rodents and babies. However, it was recently proved that even adult humans have metabolically active brown adipose tissue that can be stimulated. So drilling adipose tissue appeared in the center of researches of processes of obesity. In this regard, it is interesting that raspberry ketones provoke the increase of costs of energy produced brown fat tissue. The greater your capacity to burn off excess calories (by raising the cost of energy), the greater your chances of dropping unwanted pounds. br>
Adiponectin – a hormone of fat cells. Fat cells are often considered excess calories. However, fat cells also secrete some hormones, both beneficial and harmful (depending on location of body fat). One of the useful hormones secreted by fat cells is adiponectin. Adiponectin was discovered relatively recently, it is produced by adipose tissue, a significant amount is present in the circulating blood, and has a significant impact on health. Adiponectin increases insulin sensitivity, reduces the amount of glucose in the blood, and reduces triglyceride level, and additionally, promotes fat burning. br>
Recent studies have shown that in addition to these properties that adiponectin reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, it has anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic effect. In fact, abdominal fat causes metabolic and cardiovascular diseases through reducing the level of adiponectin. Due to the low adiponectin level in obese people develop insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The adiponectin level was inversely related to the degree of obesity means that the lower the adiponectin levels, the more fat is formed. br>
I Wonder, also, what exercises that are important for health, also increases the level of adiponectin. The importance of adiponectin can also be measured on proposals to make it biological indicator of the health status and implement a therapeutic intervention when it is insufficient. It is also assumed that adiponectin, or intervention to stimulate the production of adiponectin may have therapeutic value in the suppression of painful conditions associated with insulin resistance, mainly insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and obesity. br>
Thus, the ability of raspberry ketone increased production of adiponectin without a doubt can bring great health benefits and significant results in the fight against obesity. br>
nutrients per serving (1 capsule):
raspberry Ketones – 100 mg

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C blue #2. br>
Recommendations for use: Take 1 capsule daily with food. br>
Servings per container: 90.

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