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Revex-16 (Adipokill) (108 capsules) of Scitec Nutrition

the Latest trends in the production of effective fat burners are skillfully implemented by a team of professionals at Weider in the new multi-vector the stimulant fat loss Revex-16. Integrated sports Supplement effectively reduce appetite, and also uses the maximum energy capacity for the most significant loss of excess fat. br>
the fat burning Process is complicated, and to learn how to skillfully control your own body not having in the Arsenal of sports products, it is practically impossible for any athletes. And only experienced and thoughtful athletes conquer their goals, because they have not only an enviable strength of will, but is endowed with the correct knowledge about their own body and properties of the products taken. But even under these favorable circumstances to achieve the desired result in a short time does not, it is for losing excess fat need to powerful stimulant. br>
this powerful tool is Revex-16, which helps with the correctly made plan of a diet and exercise program to achieve fat burning, significant progress in record time. The innovative formula of the drug from the company Scitec Nutrition contains sixteen powerful ingredients, among which are the extract of Garcinia Cambodian, epigallocatechin gallate, green tea extract, can take control over weight of a person, to overcome hunger and give a boost to the fat burning. br>
Chrome normalizes macrogoblin substances, supports the optimal values of glucose in the bloodstream, and decaffein militaryfacilities, raspberry ketones gives the body extra energy, thanks to which the process of physical transformation is faster and easier for any athlete. br>
Reduce weight, to dry and to highlight the benefits of your muscle tissue without any loss, will help only a qualitative tool such as Revex-16. The preparation perfectly removes excess water from the body, dulls the appetite and burn body fat.

Part three capsules:

super matrix ADIPOKILL 1710 milligrams.

Ingredients: L-tyrosine, Garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, decaffein malate, beta-phenylethylamine HCL, raspberry ketones, dandelion 20%, Cinnamomum, burmanni, evodiamine 98%, 8% yohimbine, guggulsterone 98%, white willow bark 25%, synephrine, sclareolide 95%, Bioperine ®, chromium picolinate.

recommended use:
to determine your body’s response, ADIPOKILL take 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day. If the body’s response to ADIPOKILL normal, you can eat no more than 3 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach in the morning and in the afternoon. Cycle usage: 8-12 weeks on, at least 2 weeks. Avoid simultaneous reception ADIPOKILL with other stimulants to burn fat!

Note: Not recommended ADIPOKILL during illness, while taking any medicines during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and individuals who have not yet turned 21. Before use, consult Your doctor! Keep away from children! Do NOT exceed RECOMMENDED dosage.

Packing: 108 capsules.

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