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Secretagogue-One (30 pack by 13 g) from MHP

Sectretagogue-One – a special blend of amino acids that enhance the natural production of Testosterone and growth hormone from MHP.

Secretagogue-One affects the pituitary gland, causing it to synthesis of this hormone as somatotropin (growth hormone). He does not carry artificially created hormones. Helps to build quality muscles. Strengthens the skeleton. Ensure the normal work of the heart and kidneys, participates in metabolic processes. Boosts the immune system. Helps burn fat without intensive training.

Hormone – somatotropin is produced by glands of internal secretion – the pituitary gland located in the brain. This hormone ensures cell and tissue growth and repair. The human body, especially in children and adolescent periods, and generates a huge amount of somatotropin. But this production continues only until 22-25 years of age. Then, the content of HGH gradually decreases. Elderly people, the amount of somatotropin in the body ranges from 25 to 30% of the maximum value. It is quite natural. Outwardly, reducing the amount of somatotropin is expressed in the form of wrinkles, loss of muscle power, reducing tone and other signs of old age.

Secretagogue-One is having the effect of rejuvenation, as it contains a large number of predecessors somatotropin. These precursors contribute to the active synthesis of growth hormone. Predecessors somatotropin have rapid adsorption and maximum digestibility. It should be noted that other, good sports supplements in this group assimilate only 20%.

Components Secretagogue-One ensure the normal functioning of the body. Secretagogue-One does not contain toxic substances, carcinogens that could harm the health.

Consumption Secretagogue-One does not require modification of diet and physical activity. It has a beneficial effect on health, vitality. In addition, Secretagogue-One aimed at improving overall health, relieving physical fatigue and depletion, strengthen the immune system, improve heart function. It also promotes a more sound and healthy sleep, improved metabolism, improved memory, more beautiful skin, nails and hair.

recommendations for the use of Secretagogue-One:
Take 1 packet with 120-160 ounces of water before sleep on an empty stomach.

the Composition of Secretagogue-One: /13.2 g

complex stimulates the Pituitary gland (secretagogue) 25 mg

Amino-Glucose Complex 4200mg

glucose Polymers 1700mg

Amino acid blend:



L-arginine (L-arginine HCl)br>
Pyroglutamyl acid
L-lysine (L-lysine HCl) 5000mg

Broad Bean (horse bean) 10 mg

Nutritional value: /13.2 g

calorie 45cal

protein 0

carbohydrates 6g

C. sugar 4G

V. C. dietary fiber 0

fat 0.

Sodium 55 mg

Potassium 200 mg

Ingredients: citric acid, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors, Acesulfame K, beta-carotene.

Packing: 30 bags of 13.2 g

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