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Manufacturer: Nordex.
Substance: HGH.
Packing: 10IU

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Somatropin 10 IU from Nordex:

Speeds up recovery and strengthens the immune system;

Has a rejuvenating effect on the organism, improves the appearance;

Reduces percentage of body fat, enhances muscle mass;

Increases efficiency and improves health.

Quantity: 1 pack (5 FL.).


growth Hormone has a truly amazing properties: it helps not only to achieve high results in sports, but also has a positive effect on health. Somatropin was a real modern interpretation of “spasennogo grola”. He will give you eternal life, but will be able to extend or regain your youth and vitality!

Nordex Somatropin – what is it and how does it work?

Somatropin from Nordeks – artificially synthesized human growth hormone, which is similar produced by the pituitary gland. In its composition also contains 191 amino acids and a number of properties same as natural GR. There are a lot of drugs, but Somatropin Nordex in anything is not inferior to them. Both men and girls will find in its application a lot of positive effects.

the Effects for men receiving GH from Nordeks:

Loss of body fat while maintaining quality muscle mass;

The strengthen immunity in the PCT period;

Anabolic effect;

Increasing stress;

Rejuvenating effects: improved skin and hair;

Strengthening bone and restoration of the joints;

Strengthening the effect of other hormonal drugs.

Men will find this preparation a new source of vital energy. Nordex Somatropin will not only help to build muscle and lose fat, but will also improve psychological and emotional state. The drug will give to every man a second youth.

Effects of girls from taking GR from Nordeks:

Active weight loss and cellulite reduction;

Rejuvenating effects: the drug improves the condition of skin, hair and nails;

The preservation and growth of muscle volumes: get a sexy shape without subcutaneous fat;

Restore joints, strengthen bone tissue and prevent injury;

Increase of stress resistance and vitality.

For girls and women growth hormone Nordex can also be very useful. Few ladies are able to save power at the same time for work, family, children and exercise. With this drug the girls will be able to always feel great, both physically and psychologically.

growth Hormone took Hollywood?

Not long ago, a reputable American magazine published an article that described the growth hormone as an alternative to Botox, mesotherapy, liposaktsii and other rejuvenating procedures. It was a real new craze of Hollywood. Some celebrities admitted that taking growth hormone and I must say, nothing condemning.

Sylvester Stallone is an idol of millions with a luxurious, well-muscled body, admitted that injects GR. This became known after he was arrested at an Australian airport with dozens of FL. drug. Sly did not deny the admission of the hormone, but rather advised everyone to try it. He noted that GH significantly improves the quality of life of men that affects his libido and gives a sense of confidence.

Another sex symbol of Hollywood – Robby Williams was also “caught” in the administration of growth hormone. According to him, the injection he was prescribed by a doctor. Fans will remember that some time its condition and appearance began to deteriorate. After a course G the singer admitted that she feels much better.

Not less a vivid example – Jennifer aniston. This gorgeous actress at 48 looks about 25. According to rumors, Jennifer makes injections every day on the advice of the attending physician. Of course, she denies it. But is it possible to look so young without hormone therapy? The secret is out, and many girls can follow suit and experience all the benefits of the drug.

Benefits Nordex Somatropin

in Addition to affordable prices, Nordex is gaining popularity due to the large number of benefits. The main positives of using this product can be summarized as follows:

Absolutely safe to human body;

Demonstrates high efficiency;

Gives a quick and visible result;

Has a high degree of purification to more than 98%.

the studies of the drug there were no side effects and allergic reactions. Compared to other giants in the market of drugs in GRAMS, the level of growth hormone in the blood after application of Nordex 1.5 times higher. At the same time, the price for one unit of matter is significantly lower.

application Method:

Application: the Classic course from 12 to 24 weeks (six months). Less than 12 weeks of meaning to do no! Injected subcutaneously, slowly. Very convenient places for injection are the abdomen. Injection sites must be periodically replaced, this will help prevent lipoatrophy (atrophy of subcutaneous fat).

Preparation: For the preparation of the drug should the contents of the vial to be diluted in one milliliter of solvent. The solvent must be typed in a syringe and inject it into the vial, puncture the rubber stopper. To mix the drug needs to dissolve, but to sharply shake the bottle impossible. Recommend to buy insulin syringes – 100. 10 then each division is equal to 1 UNIT of HGH (very easy to read the dosage). I can fill a syringe full (fit a smooth 10ed Gras) and put it in the fridge. As practice shows it can be a time to inject 1 syringe (1 syringe is only used by 1 person).

a Course for beginners and women: to Begin with 2 IU/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 1 IU/IU on empty stomach and 1 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring a dose of 4 IU/IU per day: 2 IU/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later.

the Course is for experienced athletes: Start 5 U/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 3 U/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring the dosage of 10 U/IU per day: 5 IU/IU on empty stomach and another 5 IU/IU 12 hours later.

Storage: While the Growth Hormone is in a dry form, it is desirable to store at temperature from 2 to 8 degrees, for example in the refrigerator (but not in any case not in the freezer). After dilution Gras and bringing it to liquid form, storing in the fridge is not Advisory, but mandatory.

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