The Course Turinabol + Propionate


Manufacturer: Various.
Substance: Turinabol + Propionate + Anastrozole + Clomiphene citrate.
Packing: 220 pills + 2 vials + 20 vials + 40 vials

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Course and Turinabol Propionate category advanced:

Detailed instructions for the application rate on dry mass Testosterone Propionate + Turinabol for days here.

the tutorial

Testosterone Propionate SP Laboratories (active ingredient Testosterone Propionate) – 2 bottles
Turinabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient 4-chlorohydromethyltestosterone) – 220 tablets (blisters of 11)
Anastrozole Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Anastrozole) – 20 tablets (1 blister)
Clomid Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Clomiphene citrate) – 40 tablets (2 blisters)

Duration: 7 weeks+ 4 weeks PCT

the Course is suitable for athletes with experience in the use of anabolic steroids with normal body weight. As the first it should not be used.

the effect of the course on drying Turinabol + Testosterone Propionate

An increase in the quality of “dry” muscle mass
The increase of the bump
Increase power performance
Gain appetite
Increase libido

How to take a course Turinabol + Testosterone Propionate

Detailed chart of the course Stanozolol + Testosterone Propionate can be downloaded here

the regimen of Testosterone propionate on the course:
day 1-39: put 1 ml in a day

the Scheme of reception of turinabol in the course:
day 1-44: 5 tablets of turinabol per day, 2 in the morning 2 at 6pm and 1 at night.

directions for use anastrozole for the course:
day 15-45: 1 tablet, anastrozole at night every 3 days

regimen clomid for PCT
day 45-47: 3 tablets
day 48-51: 2 tablets
day 52-65: 1 tablet
day 66-72: 0.5 tablets

Side effects from the course Turinabol + Testosterone Propionate

Masculinization (women)

Testosterone Propionate aromatize easily (converted to estrogen), this can be various side effects. To neutralize this phenomenon on the course we use the aromatase inhibitor is Anastrozole, which prevents the aromatization process. For PCT use Clomid as a safer drug than tamoxifen. If you wish, you can buy over the counter clomid fareston instead.

Turinabol has almost no side effects when used at such doses.

In General, if you follow the instructions, then side effects shouldn’t be most people.

you must Train 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program of 45 minutes will be enough.

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