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Thermo Drine Pack (30 pack) from BioTech USA

Thermo Drine Pack American company BioTech USA – complex with a thermogenic fat burner, energy and lipotropic effect on the basis of natural ingredients (caffeine, L-carnitine, CLA, lecithin, chromium, vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts and other ingredients).

Thermo Drine PACK fat Burner – sport fat burner (thermogenic – energy – liptrap) – has an active effect on the burning fat cells and simultaneously supports the sustainability of lean muscle mass to catabolism. Taking the packages of slimming Thermo Drine PACK can significantly reduce weight and keep the existing muscle fibers in a good shape and weight.

Many reviews about Thermo Drine PACK talking about its good working properties, excellent tolerability, lack of side effects (especially in people used to caffeine), the optimal composition of active substances of natural origin and a very affordable price. Welcome to Thermo Drine PACK tones the whole body, completely relieves fatigue, reduces General fatigue. The best results Thermo Drine PACK shows in conjunction with regular exercise and diet for calories.

1 serving of the product contains:
– 19 herbal extracts, 1640 mg L-carnitine, 190 mg chromium
– over 300 mg choline for normal fat metabolism
– 250 mg green tea extract
4 – amino
– more than 1200 mg of lecithin
– 225 mg caffeine
– vitamins
is 400 mg of conjugated linoleic acid

Each serving (1 pack.) Thermo Drine Pack contains:
Caffeine — 0.16 g
Niacin — 0,021 g
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine — 0.15 g
Vitamin B6 4 mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 10 mg
Vitamin B12 — 25 mcg
Extract plaun 2.5 mg
Vitamin B3 — 16 mg
the Extract of Chinese Camellia — 0.04 g (3% caffeine, 40% polyphenols)the
Chinese Mistletoe Extract — 0.03 g
the root Extract Fleece flower — 0.04 g
Forskolin — 0.1 g
Rhodiola rosea Extract — 0.03 g
the Extract of dandelion leaves — 0.02 g
green tea Extract — 0.21 g
the Extract of the fruit Amla — 0.02 g
the Extract of red pepper — 0,02 g
Theanine 50 mg
Extract C. Canephora robusta — 0.05 g
the Extract of Bauhinia purpurea 20 mg
Cocoa extract — 0,05 g
the Extract of Cirsium oligophyllum 20 mg
Extract white willow bark — 33 mg
Garcinia Extract — 0,033 g
Kola nut Extract — 33 mg
extract the material — 0,083 g
Rauvolfin — 0.02 g
Bacopa monnieri 20 mg
Soy lecithin — 1.2 g
Iron — 2 mg
choline Bitartrate — 0.3 g
Phosphatidylcholine — 0.15 g
Chrome 50 mcg
Phosphatidylinositol — 0.118 g
Methionine — 0.1 g
Lysine — 50 mg
L-carnitine — 1 g (tartrate + ferrous fumarate)
Inositol — 0,025 g
CLA — 0.4 g (conjugated linoleic acid)
flax Seeds — 0,056 g

the composition of the fat burner also includes ancillary components: gelatin, magnesium stearate, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid, silica and titanium, glycerin, soybean oil, microcrystalline cellulose, colorants (E110). Manufacturer of sports nutrition, BioTech concern, reserves the right to modify the composition of the packaging design of the product without prior notice.

How to take Thermo Drine Pack
1 packet on training days with plenty of fluid 30 minutes before exercise.
on non-training days, take 1 sachet between the second and third meal.

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