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Thyro-Slim AM/PM (126 tablets) by MHP

the Company MPR offers a perfectly balanced complex of biological properties of which are great hard training athletes for quick disposal of grease and forming a beautiful relief muscles.

Thyro-Slim AM/PM is incredibly efficient, operating 24 hours a day, formula that improves metabolism, stimulates the burning of calories and minimizes fat. br>
Thyro-Slim AM/PM is a natural dietary Supplement. Citrus aurantium is a thermogenic herb is not inferior to ephedrine in terms of efficiency of utilization of fat cells, but is completely harmless. In Thyro-Slim AM/PM is present, and adrenal components. They make the process a thermogenic fat burning more effective. It is the only drug that combines adrenalin and thermogenic components. Teragency T-3 complex, which is part of the Thyro-Slim AM/PM increases the rate of metabolism, helps burn greater amount of fat cells. In combination with other components of the metabolic rate is increased further. Taking Thyro-Slim AM/PM, the body subject to the control of appetite, the dulled sense of hunger. Supported thyroid function.

Thyro-Slim AM/PM by MHP rids the body from the accumulation of excess fluid. The product contains natural herbs which promote sleep. Even during sleep it burns fat!

Thyro-Slim’s AM Formula (tablets for reception in the morning (2 pills) in the morning (2 tablets) with a meal) contains:
natural caffeine extracted from guarana and green tea, synephrine natural from the fruit Citrus aurantium, extract of Garcinia cambodgia to block the absorption of excess carbohydrates, herbal thermogenic complex of three types of seaweed, L-tyrosine, white willow bark, which naturally helps the body to ease the discomfort from receiving thermogenics.

Thyro-Slim’s am Formula (tablets for bedtime on an empty stomach (2 tablets)) contain:
soothing herbal remedy, herbal mild cleansing complex (extract of the Seine, rhubarb, Cassia extract, extracts of Apple, tamarind), herbal extracts for removing excess water from the body, regenerating and mild thermogenic complexes to continue reducing the fat at night when you sleep peacefully!

the Packaging is 21 days.

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