Tritrenol 150mg (vial), Lyka Labs


Manufacturer: Lyka Labs.
Substance: Trenbolone Mix.
Packing: 150 mg/ml.

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Tritrenol from Lyka Labs:
the Active chemical substance:Trenbolone Acetate – 50 mg, Trenbolone – enanthate 50mg, Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate -50 mg Manufacturer:Lyka Labs Concentration:150 mg in 1 ml Price is for:1 bottle

the Vial 10ml, 1ml/150mg

Composition 1 ml of tri-tremola includes the following components:

50 mg Trenbolone enanthate

50 mg of Trenbolone Acetate

50 mg Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

It tritenol-150 is one of the strongest steroids. Wide popularity of tri-TREN found among athletes. Thanks to the steroid markedly accelerates the growth of muscles and improve strength. When taking steroid is the set of lean muscle mass by burning fat. After taking the recommended course of therapy, up to 10 pounds of muscle. With the growth of muscle mass using Tritrenol, the fluid in the body is not delayed due to the fact that the steroid does not aromatize into estrogen. Also, this property is an anabolic steroid that promotes not manifested gynecomastia.

When receiving tri-TREN markedly improved protein synthesis and gaining muscle mass growth, creates a favorable nitrogen balance in the athlete’s body. To improve the anabolic effect of muscle growth is also to take a special sports nutrition and exercise special diet.

Formula tritrenol -150 includes one short and two long ester trenbolone. This ensures that after the first injection, the steroid starts working in the body of an athlete. This effect lasts for 10 days and the action continues without interruption on a permanent basis.

Recommendations for the use of the steroid:

injection is best done at a dose of 1 ml (150 mg)
weekly dosage of 300 mg tricresol
a continuation of the policy-making of the drug is not more than 8 weeks

the Body the introduction of this drug is tolerated normally. Moderate impact steroid also on the liver and recommended dosage extremely rare problem with her.

Possible side effects when taking anabolic steroid:

the increase in libido on the course (useful effects)
acne i.e. pimples, may not
high blood pressure

in order to reduce the likelihood of side effects, it is recommended to use Tamoxifen and Gonadotropin.

The same tri-TREN is not recommended to women. If its use is necessary to avoid the effects of virilization dosage should be reduced to a minimum.

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