Vermotropin 10IU (vial),, oral steroid, which


Manufacturer: Oral steroidwhich.
Substance: HGH.
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Vermotropin 10 from, oral steroid, which:

Increases the growth of lean muscle mass;

Accelerates fat burning;

Strengthens bones, joints, ligaments;

Accelerates skin regeneration, has a strong rejuvenating effect;

Strengthens the immune system and accelerates the recovery.

Quantity: 10 FL. for 10 UNITS.


Vermotropin is one of the growth hormones not made in China, which is popular and reliable reputation. His producer is a Moldovan company, oral steroid, which, already many years known in the sports world for the production of quality pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices. Dermotropic combines both efficiency and profits, making it one of the potential leaders on the market.

What is Dermotropic and how it works?

the Use of artificially synthesized HGH was forever changed as the sports field and the beauty industry, allowing you to get a full range of action of growth hormone. The use of the drug provides the following effects:

A marked increase in lean muscle mass;

Increase natural fat burning and improve the quality of muscles;

A strengthened immune system;

Increase skin regeneration, improving the condition of hair and nails;

Strengthening and restoration of bones, joints and ligaments;

A marked rejuvenating effect on the body.

Due to the wide range of action and the almost complete absence of side effects at the prescribed dosage on the rate, the drug has become incredibly popular in any power sport. It is equally well suited to both men and women.

Also increasingly becomes aware that most of the celebrities and well-known media personalities used courses of growth hormone, which has no equal in the preservation of youth and beauty. According to some, with the emergence of Vermotropin many famous people moved to the C, although publicly, for obvious reasons, this information is not covered.

Why should you try growth Hormone?

Today, the use of growth hormone has become almost a panacea! It is used not only by sportsmen to enhance its results, but also stars and ordinary people who want to feel 100% and look young and fresh.

the Famous Dwayne Johnson, for example, in one of his interviews admitted that anabolic steroids work efficiently only when combined with Somatropin. And form of “Rocks” clearly reflects a sound approach to the use of hormones.

Another famous personality – Sylvester Stallone never hid that uses growth Hormone to maintain the form. And for his age he manages will keep the body in incredible shape! the press fanned the scandal after “sly” was detained in the Austrian airport with a whole batch of Somatropin. But Stallone, as usual did not panic and did not deny using it, but rather advised me to take human growth Hormone to anyone who wants to feel good and look great.

features of the application and detect fraud Vermotropin

Vermotropin is Available in vials at a dosage of 10 units that is most convenient for long-term courses. The average exchange rate, as in the case of other GR, lasts from 3 to 6 months. The product is combined with peptides and prohormones for best results. The dosage is selected depending on the purpose of application, experience, athletes and other conditions.

Also, you can always make sure that we work only with the original product, entering a special room package on the website of the manufacturer.

Storage Vermotropin

Normally growth Hormone should be stored in the refrigerator or for a short time at room temperature, but only in the dry! With Vermotropin was an interesting experiment done – bottles of dry substance was stored at the temperature of +20-25 degrees for 5 months. After the matter was put to the test and passed hormone passed it with a rating of “excellent” – it has not lost its properties and did not change the chemical composition!

application Method:

Application: the Classic course from 12 to 24 weeks (six months). Less than 12 weeks of meaning to do no! Injected subcutaneously, slowly. Very convenient places for injection are the abdomen. Injection sites must be periodically replaced, this will help prevent lipoatrophy (atrophy of subcutaneous fat).

Preparation: For the preparation of the drug should the contents of the vial to be diluted in one milliliter of solvent. The solvent must be typed in a syringe and inject it into the vial, puncture the rubber stopper. To mix the drug needs to dissolve, but to sharply shake the bottle impossible. Recommend to buy insulin syringes – 100. 10 then each division is equal to 1 UNIT of HGH (very easy to read the dosage). I can fill a syringe full (fit a smooth 10ed Gras) and put it in the fridge. As practice shows it can be a time to inject 1 syringe (1 syringe is only used by 1 person).

a Course for beginners and women: to Begin with 2 IU/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 1 IU/IU on empty stomach and 1 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring a dose of 4 IU/IU per day: 2 IU/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later.

the Course is for experienced athletes: Start 5 U/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 3 U/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring the dosage of 10 U/IU per day: 5 IU/IU on empty stomach and another 5 IU/IU 12 hours later.

Storage: While the Growth Hormone is in a dry form, it is desirable to store at temperature from 2 to 8 degrees, for example in the refrigerator (but not in any case not in the freezer). After dilution Gras and bringing it to liquid form, storing in the fridge is not Advisory, but mandatory.

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