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Melanotan 2 10mg from ST Bio:

Melanotan II – a drug which increases synthesis of skin pigment melanin, which is responsible for the emergence of a uniform and beautiful tan. Stimulating collagen production in the body, it is possible to get the desired effect without the UV rays.

the Peptide Melanotan 2 has on the human body is a complex effect and allows you to not only give the skin a beautiful shade, but also significantly improve its overall condition and appearance.

Effects of the peptide

Nice tan.

Prevention of cancer of the skin.

Prevention of premature aging of the skin and its manifestations.

Loss of appetite.

Improve erectile function in men.

Increase libido in women.

Initially, the injection Melanotan was supposed to be used for the prevention of skin cancer. But in the course of numerous experiments it was revealed the other amazing ability of this drug that influence on the body.

Protecting from the harmful effects of UV radiation, the peptide Melanotan II contributes to the appearance of a uniform tan, amplify which is possible through sunbathing or regular visits to the Solarium. In this case, the effect is more prolonged action and is able to persist for long periods of time.

In General, the injection of Melanotan tolerated by the human body well, and only in rare cases mild side effects: skin redness, nausea, dizziness. As for contraindications, the use of injections of Melanotan II undesirable people suffering from high blood pressure and are prone to angina.

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