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DSIP 2mg from ST Bio:

Almost all drugs offered by the pharmacy network for the normalization of sleep, are made with the use of hazardous substances such as barbiturates and aldehydes. In contrast, the peptide Delta sleep has a particularly soft effect. It contributes to the complete elimination of insomnia and accelerate the process of falling asleep.

sleep DSIP Peptide is a sequence consisting of nine amino acids. At the moment, despite ongoing research, it is not known exactly where produced DSIP. According to preliminary findings, the drug promotes the formation of reliable protection from infectious, toxic and damaging effects, which subsequently triggers the death of nerve cells. It has antidepressant action, and increases the stress resistance of the organism and helps to eliminate toxins.

Yet to be elucidated and the process of drug action. It is believed that it acts on enzymes and proteins, and also exerts some influence on the nervous system. At the same time, there are already proven properties due to which especially the wide application of DSIP in sports and bodybuilding. In particular, it:

the decrease in the level of corticotropin in the body;

stimulates the production of LH, which is responsible for the production of Testosterone;

promotes the production of own growth hormone;

reduces the effects of stress on the body and tissue;

promotes the removal of toxins and accelerates their excretion.

If you read the reviews about DSIP, you can learn many interesting things. In particular, the drug promotes resistance to low temperatures, helps to normalize blood pressure and also has a positive effect on the heart muscle.

At the same time, it is important to note that the drug has a strong hypnotic effect. It only normalizes it, prolonging the slow-wave sleep and reduced rapid.

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