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Gonadorelin 2mg from ST Bio:

Gonadorelin is one of the hormones produced by the body. It increases the secretion of gonadotropin, which causes the increase in the level of Testosterone. Today fairly common syntactic counterparts Gonadorelina. They are widely used in sports and bodybuilding.

Peptide Gonadorelin can safely be called the activator of the work of the pituitary gland. It was under the influence of this substance activates production of LH and FSH. These hormones affect the reproductive ability of the human body. Especially important for athletes luteinizing hormone, as it affects the level of Testosterone in the blood. Thus, the reception Gonadorelina contributes to the level of this component.

Action Gonadorelina

muscle growth;

the increase in the level of Testosterone in the blood;

sexual life improvement;

the increase in endurance strength.

feedback about the application Gonadorelina indicate that during the course of the drug is marked reduction in the amount of fluid in the body. This is particularly important when carrying out drying and pre-competition for bodybuilders. Immediately after the injection, it reaches maximum concentration within 30-40 minutes. Then begins its excretion through the kidneys and bladder.

During the course of peptide Gonadorelin possible the emergence of such side effects as severe headache, irregular bowel movement, allergic reactions, and local reactions such as redness. In violation of the drug administration there is a likelihood of thrombophlebitis.

Considering that Gonadorelin 2mg hard enough absorbed in the digestive tract, it is recommended to use the injectable form of the drug. The linear introduction of the drug observed reduction in pituitary function, which leads to complete cessation of Testosterone production.

For this reason, experts recommend by Gonadorelin for pulse schemes, that is, high doses for 3-4 months followed by a break. During the latter, the normalization of the internal organs and production of its own hormone. It is also important to note that long-term use contributes to the deterioration of the susceptibility of the organism to the peptide, which significantly reduces its effectiveness.

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