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A-Bomb (224 tablets) by MHP

To build muscle you need to create your body of the necessary conditions not only in the gym but also outside it. You need to improve the anabolic processes and to avoid the possibility of the beginning of catabolism. You need to create these favorable for the growth of muscle conditions using substances and minerals from the usual food – and it’s almost impossible. That’s why the most experienced athletes have long used A Bomb MHP. The formula of this product includes many active components that support the conditions of muscle growth in your body for as much as 12 hours.

the Secret of this efficiency this drug consists in its formula. It works in two stages.

the First stage your body creates all the conditions needed to trigger anabolic processes. It happens using a number of the most important amino acids. Getting them into muscle cells, accelerates protein synthesis and helps to regenerate damaged during training muscle tissue.

And this is just the first stage! Further, the insulinotropic ingredients And Bomb MHP increase the sensitivity of your muscle cells to insulin. Increase its concentration in the body takes place. This technique makes it possible to increase the rate of saturation of the cells with amino acids and engender the conditions for the production of large amounts of protein. br>
This result is usually achieved when athletes use steroid drugs. A Bomb MHP offers a completely safe way to increase the efficiency of amino acid utilization by the cells of your muscles. Hundreds and thousands of reviews athletes confirm that the muscles recover much better, and the amount of protein remains the same.

the Next stage – being a part of A Bomb MHP agents like RNA, contributes to the replacement of the damaged segments of cells at the DNA level. It fundamentally changes the flow of the recovery processes in the body of an athlete. In addition, the presence of such a component, as unkarii omitted, encourages active the body’s production of its own Testosterone. It accelerates the anabolic processes in your body to the highest possible level.

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amount per serving And Bomb MHP (4 tablets):

vitamin a – IU 1,665

the Activators of anabolic and insulinotropic intracellular SEOs – 4504 mg

BCAAs-amino acids, HMB, GKG, alanine, phenylalanine, AKG, N-aminoiminomethyl-N-methyl-glycine.

the Activators convert the DNA 75 mg

Unkariya is omitted, RNA, beta-carotene.

How to make A Bomb MHP:

We recommends to take 2 servings of the product twice a day. Take it in the morning and before bed.

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