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AICAR 50mg from ST Bio:

AICAR is an analog of adenosine. This is dope, acting at the gene level, what distinguishes it from the usual steroids. It has an effect directly on genes, helping to improve endurance, strength, development of the muscular system and so on. When using this substance considerably increasing efficiency.

effects of the drug AICAR is due to the ability to stimulate the absorption of muscle tissue of glucose. Furthermore, it slows down the process of destruction of cells, increasing to continue their existence.

the effect of the peptide Aykar

accelerating the metabolism;

increased muscle tone and maintaining it at that level;

the increase in muscle volume;

shape retention even without regular training;

increase strength and endurance.

it is Particularly important to note that the drug not only contributes to acceleration of exchange processes, but also stimulates the production of energy is from fat cells. As shown by reviews of Aicar 50mg, it can significantly reduce the amount of adipose tissue, having pronounced relief. For this reason, the substance is frequently used by athletes during drying.

it is Especially advantageous to buy AICAR 50mg in that case, if you want to keep in shape, but regularly go to the gym no. The main advantage in this case is that it does not cause any addiction or dependency as it operates at the gene level.

To achieve brilliant results parallel the use of such drugs as Ipamorelin, Hexarelin, or CJC 1295. The substance is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Given the fact that it is often prepared with the dose divided into several stages, it is recommended to use bactericidal water for dilution of the powder. This will not only eliminate the infection of the solution, but also significantly prolong its shelf life.

in order to choose the right scheme and dosage it is recommended to read reviews about AICAR, and to consult with those who are already using this drug. To be coordinated reception means with a personal trainer, as the volume of the loads and the amount of injected material directly connected.

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