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ALCAR Powder (87,5 g) from SAN

ALCAR Powder from the company SAN — it is pharmaceutical grade acetyl-L-carnitine. br>
This drug is a great fat burner subcutaneous fat. With this dietary supplements every athlete has the ability to normalize metabolic processes in your body, and make the correction. The drug ALCAR Powder provides high-quality energy supply to the muscle cells. Because of this, each your workout will differ from the previous high intensity. br>
it is Also worth noting that the Supplement normalizes the work of certain organs and systems of the body, preventing the occurrence of catabolic processes. The main action of ALCAR Powder:
– the normalization of metabolic processes,
digestion of fats
– providing muscle energy,
– the normalization of the cardiovascular system
– decrease recovery time
– increase the intensity of exercise. br>
the Basis of this drug is L-carnitine, in the form of acetyl-L-carnitine. Today it is considered one of the most affordable and convenient forms of this amino acid. Typically, athletes with only one positive effect of carnitine – high-quality processing of excess fats into energy. However, medicine has long been familiar with another positive action, normalization of the functioning of the brain. br>
it is Also worth noting that L-carnitine is an effective tool that allows you to fight free radicals. And it is well known that during exercise they are in large quantities accumulate in the muscles. br>
the advantages of this nutritional supplements include quick and easy assimilation, a safe, targeting fat cells a complex effect on the body. br>
nutrient Content in one serving of the product:
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 700 mg.

suggested use:
Take one serving between 3-4 times a day. Packing: 87,5 g (125 servings)

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