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Animal Cuts (42 pack) from Universal Nutrition

Animal Cuts from Universal Nutrition is a highly efficient fat burner, patented formula which delivers maximum results in minimum time. br>
Most fat burners available on the sports nutrition market, have the classical formula (ephedrine+caffeine+aspirin), which has successfully established itself, however, causes a rapid adaptation of the organism. Animal Cuts, its effectiveness is not inferior to the above formula, while not causing addiction. Animal Cuts has a pronounced thermogenic effect, effectively burning off excess fat. br>
Animal Cuts — not just a thermogenic fat burner is the integrated product for strengthening Your metabolism, effectively utilizing excess fat. In addition, the composition of this product includes a number of related complexes (diuretic, hypolipidemic, energy, insulin, neurostimulatory, etc.). br>
the Diuretic complex contains safe diuretics, stimulating the withdrawal of excess water from the body, abound in people who are overweight. Reviews athletes, note the rapid reduction in swollen areas on waist, hips and face while taking the fat burner Animal Cuts!

Experts Universal Nutrition included in their product and tonic components that increase stamina and mental focus of an athlete in training. With them Animal Cuts helps you to train in the gym as much as you see fit.

to Buy this fat burner is because it protects your muscles from breakdown during catabolic processes in the body, which does no other drug in addition to Animal Cuts!

Animal Cuts is a unique fat burner, having a properly balanced composition, allowing You to effectively get rid of excess weight, having a stimulating effect and contribute to an effective “drawing” muscles and shaping their quality of relief. br>
You still doubt the advisability of purchase? Then take a look at the price of our store – the last doubts will disappear by themselves! br>
the Composition of one pack of Animal Cuts from Universal Nutrition:

Optimizers of the thyroid gland – 350 mg
Tyrosine, guggul, olive leaf

Thermogenic – 750 mg
Caffeine, Yerba mate, Kola nut, evodiamine, guarana, Coleus forskolii the, raspberry ketone pure

the Diuretic complex – 800 mg
dandelion Root, celery seed, leaves, UVA URSI, juniper fruit, leaves, Bush, hydrangea

Metabolic complex – 750 mg:
Green and black tea extract, Oolong extract coffee bean

Nootropic complex 500 mg
cordata Bacopa, DMAE, xantinol nicotinate, beta-phenylethylamine, huperzine A

Suppressors of cortisol 300 mg
Magnolia Bark, ashwagandha extract, Rhodiola rosea, SerinAid

the Complex enhanced bioavailability 500 mg
ginger Root, Bioperine (black pepper), cayenne, naringin, grapefruit, quercetin

CCK complex – 300 mg:
Extract of seeds jojoba, sa de burge, hoodia gordonii

How to take Animal Cuts from Universal Nutrition:

Take one sachet per day on an empty stomach. The course of the drug is 3 weeks. After that you should take a break for 1 week and conduct a course again if necessary.

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