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Animal PM (30 pack) from Universal Nutrition

the Effectiveness of any training is determined not only in gym, but during the rest after it. If you are unable to provide the necessary conditions for effective recovery between workouts, forget about the training progress! Modern life with constant stress and poor quality sleep prevents proper rest even during the night. But the new post training facility Animal PM is specifically designed by Universal Nutrition for effective recovery of the body at night! A complex of active ingredients Animal PM is designed for maximum relaxation of the body during a night’s sleep and optimisation of shift phases. It is only when properly and timely alternation it’s possible to fully restore the body. The recovery during sleep took place most effectively in the complex contains ingredients to stimulate growth hormone in the body. With it, the regeneration of all tissue types is much faster, the body does not only grow muscles, but also strengthens the ligaments and joints! And to muscle been using what to recover day damage in the composition of Animal PM there is a mixture of essential amino acids needed by the cells for protein synthesis and the growth of new tissue. The composition of active ingredients in one packet of Animal PM from Universal Nutrition are: Vitamin B6 – 10.5 mg-zinc Oxide 30 mg magnesium Oxide – 450 mg Matrix components to improve sleep and relaxation – 1250 mg: Root chamomile Valerian Root Hops Theanine Mucuna Pruriens Matrix, stimulating the synthesis of growth hormone is 3000 mg of Gamma amino butyric acid, Ornithine Alfacleanerservice Alphaketoglutarate arginine Tryptophan the Matrix to strengthen the immune system and recovery 2500 mg: a Mixture of essential amino acids Animal Nitro (BCAAs-amino acids, lysine, phenylalanine, arginine, histidine, threonine, methionine) Glutamine Immunolin Humanofort How to take Animal PM: we recommend taking one sachet on an empty stomach for 30-40 minutes before going to sleep.

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