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Manufacturer: Ankebio.
Substance: HGH.
Packing: 10IU

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Ansomon 10 IU from Ankebio:

Accelerated muscle growth;

Burning fat even without dieting;

A strengthened immune system;

Increasing the strength of bones, ligaments, and joints;

Quick recovery;

The rejuvenation of the whole body;


In the pack: 10 vials (FL.) 10 IU/IU.


Anabolic drug Ansomon (Ansomone) is absolutely identical to the natural HGH produced in the human body. It is widely used not only in medicine (if you stop growth in children and kidney failure), but has also become popular in sports because of their ability to powerfully influence the growth of muscles, strengthening of joints, ligaments and bones, reduction of body fat, etc.

Ansomon completely identical in structure to human GH and even has the same amino acid set (191 amino acid). It turns out he was bio-engineered by E. coli and certified GMP FDA (Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines of the USA). Available in the form of injection fluid and injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly, and is produced mainly in China, and the drug is widely used not only in their domestic market, but also actively exported to Europe and the United States. What Chinese manufacturer makes growth hormone of the highest quality and purity!

the Main effects Apampa

From Apamea you can expect the following:

Strengthens the bones by increasing the growth of the epiphysis;

Stimulates protein synthesis throughout the body, accelerating the healing of wounds and restoration of the body;

Helps to reverse damage to the liver and to restore its functions;

Stimulates the production of antibodies, boosting the immune system;

Promotes the formation of cardiomyocytes, increasing the contractility of the heart and reduces its oxygen consumption;

Promotes fat loss and reduce cholesterol;

Compensates for a deficiency of growth hormone, accelerate the growth of the organism.

Side effects. Despite the huge number of positive effects Ansomon has some side effects. First, you may notice a slight pain and swelling at the injection site, but this usually happens only in the first days of application, then everything must go. Secondly, after prolonged use may occur with the formation of antibodies that may affect the effectiveness of the drug.

and Contraindications. Prohibits the use of the drug in malignant tumors, with caution, diabetes, injuries of the brain, disturbed functions of the thyroid gland.

in order to buy Ansomon in Chicago or in any of the regions of the USA or abroad, just contact our Manager or leave a request on the website of the store. Your order you can pick up yourself or use the services of a courier.

application Method:

Application: the Classic course from 12 to 24 weeks (six months). Less than 12 weeks of meaning to do no! Injected subcutaneously, slowly. Very convenient places for injection are the abdomen. Injection sites must be periodically replaced, this will help prevent lipoatrophy (atrophy of subcutaneous fat).

Preparation: For the preparation of the drug should the contents of the vial to be diluted in one milliliter of solvent. The solvent must be typed in a syringe and inject it into the vial, puncture the rubber stopper. To mix the drug needs to dissolve, but to sharply shake the bottle impossible. Recommend to buy insulin syringes – 100. 10 then each division is equal to 1 UNIT of HGH (very easy to read the dosage). I can fill a syringe full (fit a smooth 10ed Gras) and put it in the fridge. As practice shows it can be a time to inject 1 syringe (1 syringe is only used by 1 person).

a Course for beginners and women: to Begin with 2 IU/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 1 IU/IU on empty stomach and 1 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring a dose of 4 IU/IU per day: 2 IU/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later.

the Course is for experienced athletes: Start 5 U/IU per day, splitting the injection into two times: 3 U/IU on empty stomach and 2 U/IU 12 hours later. A month later, to bring the dosage of 10 U/IU per day: 5 IU/IU on empty stomach and another 5 IU/IU 12 hours later.

Storage: While the Growth Hormone is in a dry form, it is desirable to store at temperature from 2 to 8 degrees, for example in the refrigerator (but not in any case not in the freezer). After dilution Gras and bringing it to liquid form, storing in the fridge is not Advisory, but mandatory.

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