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Beta-Alanine (120 caps) from Weider

Beta-Alanine from primaforce – beta alanine capsules – natural amino acid, a component of carnosine, and as such prevents the acidification of the muscles during an intense workout, and as a consequence increase their endurance and strength. With regular and sufficient supply of beta-alanine, an increase in the duration of the workout. Beta-Alanine from primaforce improves Your body’s ability to synthesize carnosine in muscles. Carnosine is a large number of muscle fibers of the second type, these fibers provide explosive power and most are involved during weight training and sprinting. Carnosine helps activate enzymes responsible for generating muscle contractions. It is proved that the use of beta-alanine as a Supplement significantly slows the onset of muscle fatigue and helps You achieve more with the latest, most effective repetitions in the approach. Carnosine: – Relieves muscle fatigue, restores the body, improves metabolic processes in cells – Helps to remove oxidation products formed during intense stress Reduces the content of free radicals in cells Beta alanine: Beta alanine (C3H7NO2) is a nonessential amino acid and the only naturally occurring beta amino acid. While alpha-alanine we get mainly from meat and dairy products, beta-alanine must be synthesized in the body. Whereas alpha-alanine supports energy production, protein synthesis and proper functioning of enzymes, beta-alanine does not affect protein synthesis and enzymes, instead, it helps to maintain a high concentration of carnosine within the muscle tissue. By maintaining a high level of muscle carnosine, beta-alanine significantly increases intramuscular energy, supports maximum muscular endurance training and improves overall physical performance. A recent study conducted in the UK, USA and Japan, show that carnosine has such a powerful energy effect, which is probably in the near future will be able to compete with the very creatine. If you take carnosine with meals or by itself in the form of supplements, in the body it breaks down into amino acids through enzyme carnosinase. As a result, these amino acids get into muscles and re-synthesized into carnosine. That is why there was a class of sports products which contain substances-precursors of carnosine beta-alanine and L-histidine. Using these supplements, You are guaranteed to increase the concentration of carnosine in muscle tissue and thus get a powerful effect. Carnosine acts as a muscle Energizer, it improves strength during anaerobic training. Recommendations for use: Drink 2 capsules after Breakfast and 2 before workout. Of a second reception after dinner. Ingredients: beta-alanine, gelatin, magnesium stearate, iron oxide. Nutritional value: 4 capsules Beta-Alanine 4400 mg

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