Calorie-free jam with carnitine Apple and cinnamon (200 ml), Green Nature


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Calorie-free jam with carnitine Apple and cinnamon (200 ml) of Green Nature

a Green Nature – leader in the production of organic food. Apple butter no sugar, no carbs and no calories from carnitine from Green Nature – delicious marmalades made from all natural ingredients, fruits and berries. Thanks to the unique technology used by the company Green Nature in the manufacture of jams, we have jams without the calories, carbohydrates and sugar. The uniqueness of calorie-free jam with a taste of Apple and cinnamon – it includes carnitine!

L-carnitine – an amino acid related to the b vitamins (L-carnitine also called vitamin BT or B11), which is synthesized in the body. L-carnitine has anabolic, antihypoxia and antithyroid effect and stimulates the regenerative activity of tissues, improves appetite and activates the metabolism of fat. Endogenous L-carnitine is synthesized mainly in the liver. Exogenous L-carnitine has a similar exogenous substance properties. The drug helps to normalize metabolic processes that maintain the activity of coenzyme A. L-carnitine leads to a slow disintegration of protein and carbohydrate compounds through stimulation of fat metabolism.

Contains L-carnitine products you can add to your diet if you are on a healthy diet and active lifestyle. L-carnitine may let and slightly, but will shorten the way to success!

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