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Cannibal Claw (60 capsules) by Chaos and Rap

As we would like that the fat is cleaned, quickly and easily, but it is, unfortunately, impossible. There is a lot of help, a lot of fat burners exist on the market of sports nutrition. But only few of them really work and give the result. The brand now introduces the world of sports nutrition with a new revolutionary fat burner – Cannibal Claw. The composition of Cannibal Claw is something new, previously unseen. Cannibal Claw will not initiate the adrenal glands, and works by increasing the secretion of the thyroid. Taking Cannibal Claw on the rate of fat burning, be calm, Chaos and Pain Cannibal Claw will not leave a chance not a single gram of subcutaneous fat on your body.

the Manufacturer is now pleased athletes of different sports that made a product among fat burners – Chaos and Pain Cannibal Claw. This fat burner does not activate the adrenal glands. On the contrary, Cannibal Claw only affects the thyroid gland, supplying increase to be allocated its secret. In consequence of which fat is burned instantly.

1 serving

N-Caffeoyldopamine 75 mg
Bioperine 6 mg
Methylcobalamin 0,093 mg
3.5 Diod-L-tyrosine 0.075 mg
3.5 Diod-L-Thyronine 0,34 mg

application Method:
Take 1 capsule for every 35 pounds of body weight twice a day. Remember that this product is not a traditional stimulant, so you won’t feel its effects as a traditional fat burner. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, excessive use may disturb the normal functioning of the body. br>
do Not take more than 6 weeks in a row, it may disrupt the normal functioning of the body. br>
Dosage depending on body weight:
45 kg 1 capsule
45-70 kg: 2 capsules
70-100 kg 3 capsules
Over 100 kg 4 capsules

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