CJC-1295 2mg (Sajis 1295), Nanox (1 x 2mg)


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CJC-1295 2mg from Nanox

To ensure the release of growth hormone professional bodybuilders use a well-known drug CJC 1295. It acts directly on the pituitary gland, causing it to actively produce hormones. The peptide has been used by athletes in Western countries and starts to gain confidence and we have due to minimum side effects.

the Peptide is often used after conducting a anabolic course to improve its effectiveness. Even a single application of the drug provides a pronounced effect and a significant release of growth hormone.

the effect of the peptide

the increasing force.

muscle growth;

reduction of recovery period, both after injury and after training;

accelerate the process of fat burning;

regenerates ligaments and bones;

acts as an immunostimulant;

has the ability to retard age-related changes.

the Drug combines perfectly with a large number of peptides and anabolic steroids. In this case, each individual component enhances the action of another, allowing them to achieve more pronounced effect.

the Peptide comes in powder form, which is pre-required to be dissolved in water for injection. It is important to observe the interval between shots is equal to three hours. The ideal time for the introduction of the peptide are the hours before bed, after workouts or after a meal.

To reduce the likelihood of side effects is recommended to begin with minimal doses, gradually increasing a single volume. If you experience any abnormalities, discontinue use and consult with your doctor to identify contraindications which are pathology of the pituitary and endocrine diseases.

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