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Manufacturer: Different.
Substance: Stanozolol + Clomiphene citrate.
Packing: 160 pills + 20 pills

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Course Stanozolol solo category For beginners:

Detailed instructions on the use of the course Stanozolol solo days there.

Structure of the course: Stanozolol Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Stanozolol) + Clomid Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Clomiphene citrate)

the Course includes: 160 of 20 tablets of Stanozolol and clomid tablets for PCT (post-cycle therapy or “exit”)

Duration: 5.5 weeks+ 3 weeks PCT

Stanozolol (injectable form Winstrol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived dihydrotestosterone. Initially the drug was developed for use in horses to improve performance, but over time, he attracted the attention of athletes and successfully implemented in the training of athletes. Now it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids used both in bodybuilding and athletics

For whom the course is Stanozolol solo:

This course is suitable for people who have sufficient body weight with a moderate fat content.
For athletes who do martial arts, Jogging, swimming and have ambitious plans for the construction of an ideal relief with pharmacology recommended to reduce dosage to 20 mg (2 tablets) per day. This will be enough to pull the speed performance and endurance.

the effect of the course stanozolol

relief muscles (main effect for which you use this drug)
drawing vascularity
a significant increase in strength and endurance
fat burning
almost no effect of recoil
fluid excretion from the body (this is connected with the main side effect – the risk of damage to joints and ligaments)

the Mill solo – this is not the course that is used for mass, this course is designed primarily for relief, strength and endurance. Gain an average of 2-3 kg of dry weight with a proper diet.

How to take a course of Stanozolol solo:

a Detailed scheme of taking Dianabol solo can be downloaded here

stanazolol take 4 tablets a day in 4 hours. A total of 40 mg per day.

Clomid (Clomiphene) take on the PCT. The first 2 days on 2 tab. (morning and evening one pill), next 12 days 1 tablet. The last 8 days on 0,5 tablets. Ie, gradually reduce the dosage.

Why post-cycle therapy we use Clomid, and not Tamoxifen? Because the latter is more toxic and may lead to undesirable side effects (erectile dysfunction and the possibility of getting cataracts)

solo stanozolol side effects:

pain in the joints, the risk of personal injury
the increase in blood pressure
toxicity to the liver

let us Dwell on the side effects.

stanazolol does not aromatize, this eliminates the possibility of Gino on the course. This is of concern to many new “chemists”, so I decided to mention it separately.

the Drug does not retain water, “dry”, first, it does not evolve gives puffiness on the course, which is good, but at the same time gives a negative impact on ligaments and joints. To combat this phenomenon, many people recommend to drink on the course chondroitin and glucosamine, which is not quite correct, these drugs accumulate in the body and begin to act in full force only a month, so start drinking at the course is useless. Moreover, it was experimentally proved that the desired effect against the “drying” of the joints on the mill they will not, even after a month. Some recommend creatine, which retains water in the joints, but it also will not be confused as linseed oil (which can be harmful in this case, but that’s another topic). In General, the problem with the ligaments and joints is almost inevitable in the course stanozolol solo, this should be considered when training. That is why many athletes experienced recommend the use of Stanozolol in combination with testosterone, which neutralizes the negative impact on the joints. We esctacy course, it will be interesting to those who want to avoid side effects throat + gain 6-8 kg relative to the dry mass.

Rise in blood pressure is eliminated taking antihypertensives.

the Toxicity to the liver is minimal, and fears that you will fall off the liver after such a course is far-fetched. Healthy human liver without problems withstands a load of up to 900 mg. of active substance per week. If You liver is not healthy and you experience discomfort, after PCT drink the drug liv52 or Kars, which you can buy at the pharmacy. If pain on the course, use of the drug holosas (Cholosas) – rosehips extract, you can buy it at the pharmacy. It is cholagogue, which can help relieve pain on the course in the liver. The drug is a syrupy liquid of dark color sweet taste.

overall, this course is quite safe, any side effects 90% of people should not occur.

you must Train 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program 45 min. But look at your condition, some don’t have time to recover during this time and you can reduce the amount of training.

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