Course Turinabol solo


Manufacturer: Various.
Substance: Turinabol + Clomiphene citrate.
Packing: 180 pills + 20 pills

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the Course Turinabol solo category For beginners:

Detailed instructions on the use of the course turinabol solo for days here.

Structure of the course: Turinabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Methandienone active substance) + Clomid Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active ingredient Clomiphene citrate)

the Course includes: 180 tablets turinabol and 20 tablets of clomid on PCT (post-cycle therapy or “exit”)

Duration: 5 weeks+ 3 weeks PCT

Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is a drug which is very similar to methandrostenolone in chemical structure. In fact, an advanced Methandrostenolone. The effect of turinabol, however, is significantly different from the effect of the Dbol. Off course solo turinabol should not expect a significant increase in weight (without trapping liquid in the body), but we have an increase in endurance, strength and speed + the minimum risk of side effects.

For whom the course is Turinabol:

first and foremost, for athletes in sports where speed is important, agility and endurance (light and heavy athletics, swimming, martial arts). Unlike of course Dbol solo, we get minimal weight gain. Of course stanazolol solo we get almost the same thing, but the mill dries the ligaments and there is a great risk of injury, Turik won’t be a problem.

the effect of the course turinabol solo:

weight gain of 2-3 kg (subject to the exercise regimen and proper nutrition on the course)
the increase in strength of 12-15 kg in the basic exercises (taking the averages, but the thing individual)
increase endurance
increase speed

This is perhaps the main effects of the course turinabol. I have to say that the rapid effect, as in the case of a course of Dbol or anapolon, is not to be expected. All indicators are progressing slowly, but we get better results with minimum kickback after a course.

How to take a course Turinabol solo:

a Detailed scheme of taking Dianabol solo can be downloaded here

Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) taken during the 36 days 5 tablets per day: 2 morning, 2 at 18.00 and 1 at night.

Clomid (Clomiphene) take on the PCT. The first 2 days on 2 tab. (morning and evening one pill), next 12 days 1 tablet. The last 8 days on 0,5 tablets. Ie, gradually reduce the dosage.

Why post-cycle therapy we use Clomid, and not Tamoxifen? Because the latter is more toxic and may lead to undesirable side effects (erectile dysfunction and the possibility of getting cataracts)

the Course turinabol side effects:

the Main advantage of turinabol in front of anapolon and dbol is that Turik does not aromatize. I.e. there is no possibility of getting gynecomastia in the course. At such doses, virtually eliminates the manifestation of any side effects. With regard to the load on the liver, it is minimal, a healthy person can easily tolerate this load. If You have problems with the liver, then after the course you can take liv52 or Kars, which are sold in pharmacies.

you must Train 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program 45 min. But look at your condition, some don’t have time to recover during this time and you can reduce the amount of training.

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