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Dark Rage (894 g) MHP from

Dark Rage from MHP increases the capacity of the muscle, in the shortest possible time builds up muscles, ensures the portability of long and heavy loads, regenerates after strength training.

the Dark Rage of a so-called “Panova” technology. Substances contained in Dark Rage, provide a synthesis of erythropoietin secret. Some time ago they were used by a few individual athletes. That their use, never voiced, due to the fact that they had a effective effect on the body. For the first time, legally, these technologies have been applied in the creation of MHP Dark Rage!

Dark Rage controls the inflow of erythropoietin in the blood increases the level of red blood cells in the blood. Is Dark Rage dual EPO-NO action. It enhances the circulation of blood through the vessels of the circulatory system. Accordingly, increases the amount of blood delivered to the muscles, therefore, increases the oxygen delivery. These processes increase strength, endurance, provide rapid muscle mass growth. In addition, accelerated delivery to muscles and other ingredients in Dark Rage – amino acids, AAKG, creatine, BCAAs. Timely delivery to muscle tissue of oxygen increases efficiency.

Creating Dark Rage, MHP scientists wanted to create a product that would be the strongest energy, increased strength and regenerates them after physical exertion, for a short period of increased muscle mass. In the end, they achieved the desired effect.

Recommendations for use Dark Rage:
1 measuring spoon 44 grams diluted in 250-300 ml of water. Take it 30-45 minutes before training.

the composition of the Dark Rage:
/44g % daily value 41 g

vitamin a 1,678 34%

Vitamin C 300 mg 500%

Vitamin D 600 150%

Vitamin E 200 60%

Thiamin 25 mg 1,667%

Riboflavin 25 mg 1,471%

Niacin 25 mg 125%br>
Vitamin B6 25 mg 1,250%

Folate (Another TM:(folic acid and 5-FORMIT-tetrahydrofolate) 400mkg 100%

Vitamin B12 150 mcg 2,500%

Pantothenic acid 25 mg 250%

Calcium 75 mg 8%

Iron 18 mg 100%

Magnesium 4 mg 1%br>
Zinc 15 mg 100%

Selenium 150 mcg 214%

Copper 15 mg 75%

Sodium 58mg 2%

Potassium 495 mg 14%

Dark Rage Proprietary Pump and Total Performance Complex (Patents Pending)
EPODROL TM:EPO stimulator of red blood cells of blood plasma: glucose polymers, blood-forming vitamins and minerals, arachidonic acid, nattokinase, Echinacea, Portulaca oleracea, glycerol monostearate, albumin, cobalt, Nickel, 38 g

Studies TM: stimulator of stem cells:
Cyanophyta extract, Chinese Angelica, Ginkgo, a mixture of green, black and red tea, blueberries.

VasoSHOCK NO TM:a stimulator of nitric oxide:
L-arginine AKG, Di-arginine malate, arginine ethyl ester, pine bark extract, Gynostemma pentation, Cnidium Monnier, NAD, red wine extract, citrulline, icariin, trigliceridi nosredna length of the molecular chain, hemafolate.

MyoVOL – ATP TM: advanced creatine transport matrix: Creatinol O-phosphate, creatine gluconate, Microtein TM( microencapsulated creatine monohydrate), Glycocyamine, GuanPro TM(guanidinopropionic acid, TMG.

BetaEndur TM: beta-alanine/pH buffer system to increase performance:
Beta-alanine, beta alanine ethyl ester, BCAA, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, potassium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, potassium phosphate, histidine, citrate magnesium, magnesium phosphate, taurine.

PsychoRAGE TM: complex energy and controls mental attitude:
Glucuronolactone, caffeine, 1-amino-2-Penilaian, beta methoxyphenylethylamine, tyrosine, yohimbine, piperazin A, Vinpocetine, theobromine.

Nutritional value:
/44 g /100 g

Calorie 130 kcal 295 kcal

Carbohydrates 30 g 68 g

Sugars 1 g 2 g

Other ingredients:
maltodextrin, malic acid, citric acid, natural flavors, silica.

do Not exceed recommended dosage. Not recommended under 18 years. Consult a doctor if the joint medication. Contains caffeine, so when taking Dark Rage is not recommended to take additional supplements with a high caffeine content.
the Necessary prior consultation of doctor if problems with the cardiovascular system, liver and thyroid gland, psychiatric problems, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, headaches, prostate enlargement and glaucoma. Discontinue for 2 weeks, with palpitations, headaches, breathing difficulties. Do not take more than 8 weeks.

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