First course steroids


Manufacturer: Various.
Substance: Danabol + Stanazolol + Tamoxifen.
Packing: 100 pills + 100 pills + 40 pills

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the First course steroids category For beginners:

Detailed instructions for application of the first course days here.

Structure of the course: BalkanPharma Danabol (Methandienone active substance) + strombafort BalkanPharma (active ingredient of stanazolol) + tamoxifen

Short course of steroids include: 100 tablets of danabol 100 tablets of strombafort and 40 tablets of tamoxifen

Duration: 8 weeks + PCT

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the First course of steroids to build up mass and strength in 4 weeks

the First course of steroids designed for athletes with no experience of the application of sports pharmacology, or for beginners who previously only took Dianabol solo. This course will help you to evaluate the impact of anabolic steroids specifically on your body. The effect of the course is individual and depends on your physiology, susceptibility to steroids, nutrition and exercise.

the well-written diet, correct training regime and normal susceptibility to anabolic steroids you can gain up to 6-7 pounds relative to dry weight. Someone, perhaps the effect will be even better.

the Use of danabol as the first drug allows you to build muscle mass and strength in just 4 weeks.

Danabol+Strombafort the Course consists of two drugs Danabol (Methandienone) and stanazolol . Dianabol will give us a relatively quick gain of muscle mass, stanazolol consolidate the results, do typed a lot more “dry” and improve strength. In the end we will get a 5-7 kilogram regarding lean muscle mass and improved strength. For post-cycle therapy (PCT) we will use the antiestrogen Tamoxifen, which will contribute to the production of own Testosterone after his oppression on the course, also reduces aromatization which results in the formation of gyno.

How to take drugs?

Detailed instructions on the application of the first course can be downloaded here.

the Course is divided into 2 stages, 25 + days of PCT. From the first day we begin to drink Dianabol pill after 4-5 hours for a total of 4 tablets per day for 25 days. On the same pattern stanazolol (strombafort) 25 days. And the yield on tamoxifen. The first 3 days drink 2 tablets, one in morning ,one at night. During the next 34 days one pill in the morning.

In General the course is quite safe and side effects should not be.

How to eat the first course of steroids? About this in more detail here

you must Train 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program of 45 minutes will be enough.

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