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Follistatin-344 1mg from ST Bio:

Follistatin 344 is a glycoprotein that is able to produce almost all tissues of the human body. It is also known as activin-binding protein.

the Original substance is Follistatin 344 was obtained from the follicular fluid, which has affected his name. The studies found that it reduces the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone in the pituitary gland. This is because Follistatin has the ability to bind activin protein. It is the latter and triggers the production of FSH. There is a perception that the drug can cause myocardial hypertrophy. But experience has shown that compliance with the dosage does not cause such complications.

Due to its ability, Follistatin, buy we can in our Internet shop helps to increase muscle mass. Due to this, it is often used in the presence of degenerative changes. Full course Follistatin 344 will stop the process and to normalize muscle tissue condition.

the Effect of Follistatin 344

improves stamina;

accelerates the growth of muscle tissue;

increases appetite, but it is possible and reduction;

the marked increase in performance;

the reduction of body fat.

During treatment should take into account that the peptide Follistatin contains active components produced by the follicles. For this reason, the use of Follistatin 344 is able to cause abnormalities from the ovarian. Under the influence of active substances in women increases the likelihood of development of polycystic ovaries.

At the same time, the need to buy Follistatin 344 occurs more frequently in athletes wishing to increase muscle mass. This category of people complications do not arise. Suffice it to observe the dosage, and periodically see a doctor for early detection of side effects.

Feedback about Follistatin 344 confirm that one of the main advantages, due to which the drug has become popular among bodybuilders, is that it’s difficult to detect in doping control. The only evidence would be a temporary reddening of the skin at the injection site.

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