Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (100 caps), Muscletech


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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (100 caps) Muscletech

Hunger, fatigue, lack of results – 3 main problems faced by the athlete who wants to lose weight. To cope with them by yourself is extremely hard! Even if you are willing to endure discomfort with low-calorie diet, shortage of energy will not allow you to maintain a higher temp on gyrosigma training. And without it to achieve significant results in the destruction of fat fail. br>
You’ve tried a lot of ways to overcome excess weight, but have been unable to achieve the desired results? In this case you have not tried Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. This fat burner really works and works so effectively that you will be amazed by its result!

Which means Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite offer “fully transparent formula”?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite offers full formula disclosure. This means that it is a product you can trust because the label reveals all of the ingredients in the formula and their dosage amount, so that you know exactly what you are taking. To put it simply, fully transparent Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is not trying to hide anything. You get caffeine anhydrous (270mg), Coleus Extract (100mg), green coffee extract (200 mg), L-theanine (100 mg), cocoa extract (100 mg) and yohimbe extract (56.3 mg).

Compare it with other thermogenically that hide almost all their dosages in a proprietary blend! With other thermogenically you will not know what quantity of a specific ingredient you are taking. Beware of such thermogenics that offer a list of ingredients but never disclose how much of that list they put out!

one serving (2 capsules) of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
Caffeine 270 mg
Extract yohimbine – 56,3 mg
Green tea – 200 mg
seed Extract cocoa 100 mg
Coleus forksolin – 250 mg
Thiamine 100 mg
Contains the rauvolfin

How to take Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite
The first day of intake should be limited to just one capsule. In the absence of side effects (rapid heartbeat, high pressure, etc.), the second and third day of the course, you can take 2 capsules a day. Starting from the 4th day of the course, take 2 capsules 2 times a day half an hour before main meals or before exercise.

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