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Ipamorelin 2mg from ST Bio:

Peptide Ipamorelin is a drug that increase growth hormone secretion. This way, during its use, the rise in muscle mass, reduced amount of fat cells and increase endurance. Ipamorelin consists of a large number of amino acids that are chained together.

Despite the fact that Ipamorelin refers to drugs that stimulate the production of growth hormone, it has some differences. First and foremost, this solution directly affect the stimulation of release of insulin-like growth factor and maintains it at a certain level for a long time. He is able to block somatostatin that influence the development of GR.

Action Ipamorelin

decrease the amount of adipose tissue;

a marked increase in muscle mass;

improving the prominence of the muscles;

inhibition of age-related changes;

strengthen bones and ligaments.

in Addition to the above, reviews of Ipamorelin indicate that the drug has immunostimulatory properties and improves the condition of the skin. In addition, a positive effect on the condition of the hair. Reviews about Ipamorelin peptides indicate that it goes well with many other drugs.

Low price Ipamorelin allows you to use it with a purpose of hampering age-related changes. According to research, the use of the peptide Ipamorelin is a valid and women, because no adverse effects were observed. Only when the dose there is a feeling of fatigue.

Before buy Ipamorelin, you should study the manual. To prepare the solution is used as a bactericidal water, which has the ability to extend the use of the drug. Thanks keep ready a hormone within 20-25 days. Enter the peptide using the insulin syringe, which has a very convenient calibration of the instrument.

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Side effects of the peptide Ipamorelin

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