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L-Carnitine 500 (60 tablets) Ultimate Nutrition

L-Carnitine is an amino acid considered one of the best fat burner due to its ability to effectively and efficiently break down fats. This amino acid is effectively used to control the mass of the human body and its reduction, and due to the fact that carnitine blocks the process of increasing mass, this amino acid efficiently helps our body in reducing the probability of or, worse, complications of heart disease. In addition, using L-Carnitine, you can increase the run time of your power loads. As you know, with loads of muscle produce large quantities of lactic acid, and the use of this amino acid before workout, you can reduce the accumulation of this acid.

Using the product you will be able to:

effectively and efficiently to reduce your level of cholesterol contained in the blood;
in the case of physical exertion to strengthen the metabolic processes in your body;
to prevent your body from fat;
to improve your stamina and performance;
effectively improve the metabolism your Central nervous system.

the Supplement company BSN is acting perfectly safe, as evidenced by the reviews using the athletes. L-carnitine in its composition does in the body one single function – transportorul released fatty acids into the mitochondria. When an athlete pursues intensive training, produced by the body reserves of L-carnitine is not enough to redirect all fatty acids in the mitochondria. Comes to the aid of L-Carnitine 500, helping to create the necessary concentration of carnitine in the blood of an athlete during training!

the Additional intake of L-Carnitine 500 not only helps to transport fatty acids to the point of destruction, saving the athlete from excess weight. When you use supplements Ultimate Nutrition athletes establish uninterrupted supply of fuel by the mitochondria to produce ATP molecules, which significantly increases endurance during class!

in addition, the high content of L-carnitine in the blood helps to cleanse the blood vessels from accumulating in them cholesterol, improving their permeability and preventing cardiovascular disease.

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the Composition of one tablet L-Carnitine 500 Ultimate Nutrition:

L-carnitine (L-carnitine tartrate) 500 mg *

How to take L-Carnitine 500 Ultimate Nutrition:

it is Recommended to take 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before carrying out aerobic workouts.

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