L-Carnitine Liquid (355 ml), Ultimate Nutrition


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L-Carnitine Liquid (355 ml), Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition L-Carnitine Liquid offers you a powerful charge of vivacity, you can’t refuse this athlete. If you are preparing for a competition, want to press more or just intend to swing to the level of Arnie – this drug need you like air. Without it will be impossible to quickly achieve impressive results. Even more than that, it’s unlikely you without this money will be used to record among his friends, which is much longer than yours That is why it will be necessary to use a Ultimate Nutrition L-Carnitine Liquid 355ml for the gym.

Increased effectiveness of this Supplement from the company Ultimate Nutrition compared to other drugs on the basis of L-carnitine due to its liquid form. Thanks to it the active ingredient much faster into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract, and the concentration of L-carnitine in your body will be supported by the athlete at a high level throughout the whole workout. This is enough to dissolve L-carnitine liquid in any drink and take it during class.

In the body L-carnitine performs a key task in the transport of fatty acids into the cellular mitochondria. Under normal conditions, this substance can be synthesized in the liver and kidneys, but during intense aerobic exercise of his L-carnitine the body is no longer sufficient for timely delivery of fatty acids to the place of their oxidation. So taking L-carnitine liquid helps your body to cope with this task, during which the athlete gets 2 benefits – utilizes extra fat and gets out his extra energy.

it is No accident reviews athletes prove the increase in your energy balance in the body when taking L-carnitine! Oxidized in the mitochondria, destroyed fatty acids are used as fuel to generate ATP molecules instead of glucose. Latest in conditions of a low-carb diet is never enough in the body, so without the help of supplements Ultimate Nutrition athletes will be extremely difficult to maintain a high pace aerobic exercise for successful destruction of fat.

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amount per serving L-carnitine liquid Ultimate Nutrition – 15 ml

L-carnitine 1000 mg
Vitamin B5 10 mg

How to take L-carnitine liquid Ultimate Nutrition:

it is Recommended to take one serving 15-20 minutes before or directly during the aerobic exercise. For ease of use it is possible to dissolve a portion of the concentrate in any drink and drink it during class.

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