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L-carnitine Tablets (60 tab) from Weider

nutrition L-carnitine is widely used in medicine. L-carnitine is an important amino acid, which we used every day with food. It helps reduce cholesterol, provides enhanced fat metabolism in these loads, such as swimming, running, work on simulators and other breathing exercises.

the Beneficial effects of L-carnitine on the body, very much, but the most important are those associated with getting rid of excess weight and maintaining health.

L-carnitine Tablets from twinlab is a tasty and easy to use chewable tablets which will support your body in shape and tone. L-carnitine is particularly popular in sports and diets. If you want the fat burned, then you need to provide your body with the nutrients that this requires, first and foremost, L-carnitine. With the help of this amino acid is the transportation of fats in the body and accelerates their burning. At its lack of possible complications.

current level of development of the pharmaceutical and biotechnologies allows to be obtained by biological synthesis of pure carnitine high quality similar nature.

the Effects of applying L-Carnitine Tablets:

– Increase physical endurance and decrease of the period of muscle regeneration and recovery.
– lowering the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.
– Enhance immunity and protect the body from stressabbau factors.
– Increase the natural levels of ATP – adenosine triphosphate.
– the Saturation of cells with oxygen.
– a Positive impact on the major muscles, brain cells and major internal organs – heart, liver and kidneys.

in addition, this Supplement is a stimulant of cardiac activity as the heart muscle to work predominantly uses the energy from breaking down fat.

since the beginning of reception L-carnitine Tablets from Weider aktiviziruyutsya the process of burning adipose tissue, resulting in gradually increasing the proportion of lean muscle mass in the body. This releases large amounts of energy, which will allow you to train longer and with greater results.

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one pill Weider L-carnitine:

Calories – 4,4
Protein 300 mg
Carbohydrates 1 g (sugar alcohol – 444 mg)

L-carnitine 300 mg

other ingredients: fructose, magnesium stearate, sobret, silicon dioxide

How to take twinlab L-carnitine Tablets:br>
it is Recommended to take 3 tablets half an hour before performing aerobic exercise.

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