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Lipo 6 (240 caps) from Nutrex.

not a single fat burner has not received such ostrogannyh reviews Lipo 6 developed by the company Nutrex. In its composition includes only the best active ingredients that help to accelerate the consumption of calories, increase body temperature and energy to quickly destroy the existing fat! Buy Lipo-6 should everyone experiencing problems with excess weight and wants to quickly get rid of him!
No harmful side effects because this fat burner uses synephrine instead of ephedrine. Buy Lipo-6 you can, without fearing for their health – synephrine as quickly breaks down fatty tissue, like ephedrine, but it has its side effects.
no Longer have to puzzle over how to take different capsules with selected ingredients – everything you need is combined in this complex, you just follow the instructions for using Lipo-6. br>
in addition to accelerating weight loss and ridding the man from the already stored fat, Lipo 6 contains guggulsterones, normalizing the thyroid gland for better absorption of nutrients, not allowing the new fat develop in your body.
of particular note is the presence of yohimbine. It is only yohimbine simultaneously activates receptors responsible for increased fat-burning processes while suppressing the signals to Deposit fat in the body!

amount per serving of Lipo-6 from Nutrex – 2 capsules
Synephrine HCL 20 mg
Bioperine 5 mg
Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1:1 20 mg
Caffeine – 200 mg
Yohimbine HCI 3 mg

How to take Lipo-6 from Nutrex
To test the tolerance of the body to fat burner, it is recommended to take 2 capsules daily (one in the morning and afternoon) the first 2 days of the course. Later should follow the standard instructions for use, taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (preferably 30 minutes before training).

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