Liquid Carni-X 2000 (20 amp 25 ml) Scitec Nutrition


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Liquid Carni-X 2000 (20 amp 25 ml) Scitec Nutrition

Liquid Carni-X 2000 Scitec Nutrition company – designed specifically for athletes, the drug that allows you to burn subcutaneous fat, to monitor the health of the cardiovascular system and to catalyze the accumulation of lean muscle mass.

Liquid Carni-X 2000 — liquid L-carnitine highest quality. The drug already packaged into servings (pack of 20 ampoules on 25 ml). This drug is designed to carry out effective fat burning while maintaining health of the cardiac muscle. br>
L-carnitine is a natural body substance which can flow with the usual food, as well as produced by the body. However, as shown by numerous studies, for efficient utilization of body fat and transforming it into an energy source requires a fairly high dosage of L-carnitine. Alas, the athlete’s body is not able to produce the right amount of the substance, so it is advisable to take L-carnitine in addition.

Liquid Carni-X 2000 allows you to compensate for the deficiency of L-carnitine in the body, ensures optimum transport processes of fatty acids and is responsible for their proper disposal, preventing the formation of extra fat in the body.

in addition, Liquid Carni-X 2000 has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, protecting it from overloads. This drug provides abundant supply muscle cells with oxygen, inhibits the action of lactic acid, resulting in increased overall stamina during intense workouts. The positive effect from the use of liquid L-carnitine is provided at a daily dosage of 1000-2000 mg.

the Composition of one ampoule:

Calories – 9 calories
L-carnitine – 2000 mg
Vitamin C 120 mg

Water, l-carnitine, saktanova acid, citrine acid, fructose, vitamin C, potassium sorbate, flavoring, sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharin, Sucralose.

suggested use:

daily dose 25 ml (1 vial), Take one serving 1-3 times daily, in the morning before and the time of the training.

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