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Melanotan 2 spray 20mg from ST Bio:

Melanotan II is a synthetically created drug, which is a complete analog of melanocortin – substances produced in the human body and is responsible for the appearance of sun on the skin.

by Stimulating the production of pigment, Melanotan 2 provides the skin an even tan even in the absence of UV exposure. And in the case of the latter, protects it from the harmful effects and prevents the appearance of burns.

Effects of Melanotan 2

The occurrence of the desired tan.

Prevention of melanoma.

Protecting the skin from premature aging and its manifestations.

Stimulation of libido, both in men and women.

Loss of appetite.

Spray tanning Melanotan 2 was invented as a means of helping to stop the development of skin cancer. However, subsequent testing has revealed a totally unexpected effect, allowing you to get a nice and even tan without exposure to UV rays, by increasing your body’s production of melanin which is actually responsible for skin staining in a nice brown color.

Many positive reviews about Melanotan 2 has revealed another interesting pattern of the drug – the ability to enhance the libido and cause healthy sexual arousal in both sexes. While the substance itself is not addictive and is perceived by the body naturally. In our online store you can buy Melanotan 2 spray high quality at an affordable price.

the Possible side effects and contraindications

Melanotan II was well tolerated by the body and only in rare cases, can occur following side effects: nasal irritation, dizziness, headache.

as for contraindications, the spray must be used with caution in people suffering from high blood pressure and are prone to angina.

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