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Manufacturer: Radjay Pharma.
Substance: Methandienone.
Packing: 100mg

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Dianabol Liquid from Radjay Pharma:
Active chemical substance: Methandienone (Dianabol) Manufacturer: Radjay Pharma (India) Concentration: 100 mg in 1 ml. The price is for: 1 bottle (10ml)

10ml bottle 1ml / 100mg,

Among all oral steroids, Dianabol is one of the most affordable prices. Unfortunately, it is this fact that contributed to the proliferation of a huge number of fakes based on low-quality methylstosterone with a corresponding bouquet of androgenic effects. Initially, manufacturers tried to deal with these various security codes on packs or tablet forms, but all turned out to be unsuccessful. Only recently, Radjay Pharma has found a truly effective way to produce quality Methandienone. The manufacturer has released a liquid (injection) form of Dbol, which is currently being actively used by experienced chemists.

Methandienone (methandienone)

Methidienone’s features from Radjay Pharma:

Severe anabolic activity;
Low androgen index;
Low conversion to estrogen (aromatization);
The average duration of action (from 4 to 9 hours);
Moderate toxicity to the liver.

What is an Methandienone injection?

Methandienone is the so-called classic of the genre. Used by both beginners and experienced amateurs. The purpose of receiving an increase in muscle mass and strength characteristics. The drug is not suitable for weight loss, however, despite this, some professional athletes during the last days of drying before the tournament Methandienone use as an anti-catabolic.

Quite often, this anabolic steroid option is associated with methandienone in a pharmacy, because of its appropriate availability in some countries, such as Thailand. The chemical structure is still the same Methandienone, but in a more convenient form. The main advantage of injection is 100% quality. This fact excludes the possibility of manipulation of the active substance, so that you can buy Methandienone of the original quality, and not any basement option.

Effects of methandienone:

Rapid muscle mass gain (acceleration of protein synthesis and an increase in positive nitrogen balance);
Increase in power and power endurance characteristics;
Increased appetite, which is necessary in the offseason;
Light fat burning effect (relief);
More pronounced accumulation of glycogen and a corresponding visual increase in muscles;
Strengthening the bone system;
Weak side effects.

How is Methandienone applied?

As already noted, the main purpose of the technique is to increase muscle mass and increase strength. Dianabol is able to drastically shift the nitrogen balance in a positive direction, as a result of which is catabolism and the corresponding bad mood are minimized. Quite often, the course begins smoothly with a small dosage, as indicated in the instructions methandienone. Option slides with a gradual increase and decrease in dosage is more characteristic of the oral (tablet) form. Many athletes choose the drug from Pharma Radjay in an injectable version because of its ease of use. Instead of eating 10-30 tablets, it is much easier to make 1-2 injections.

Methandienone is perfectly combined with Testosterone esters, be it a Propionate or enanthate. To make compote from other purely anabolic drugs (Oxandrolone, Oxymetholone, etc.) is not rational. It is worth noting that methandienone has a so-called recoil phenomenon, which is associated with fluid loss. Due to a more pronounced overcompensation of muscle glycogen, each gram of which binds with 3-4 grams of water, there is a set of water and the corresponding flooding. That she leaves after the abolition of methandienone, but this in no way refers to the muscle fibers. It should be remembered that on the Dbol course, the figure on the scales rises quite quickly, but it is not a direct indicator of the amount of lean muscle mass.

The advantages of liquid from Pharma methandienone Radjay:

It passes the gastrointestinal tract stage, as a result of which there is no heartburn, diarrhea and other side effects associated with absorption;
It can be used by athletes with digestive disorders or various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, in the presence of a stomach ulcer;
It is much easier to vary the dosage than with the oral methandienone;
The practical experience of many athletes indicates only positive reviews of methandienone;
Ease of use;
The absence of severe pain during injections, which is characteristic of various complex mixtures of Testosterone esters.

Interesting facts about methandienone

Mass stereotypes about the serious side effects of methandienone and positioning it as a dirty drug are associated with the presence of fakes in the pharmacology market. The correct course of Dbol with PCT reliable will allow you to get noticeable results even in a solo version.

Another stereotype associated with occured injecting methandienone is an ordinary name confusion. Many beginners mistakenly believe that Boldenone (Equipoise) is a liquid form of Dbol. Of course, these are 2 completely different drugs.

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