Methandienone 10mg (pills), ZPHC


Manufacturer: ZPHC.
Substance: Methandienone.
Packing: 10 mg/tab.

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Dianabol from ZPHC:

Methandienone ZPHC is a drug which is an analogue of Testosterone with a lower degree of virilization and masculinization. Dianabol is used in weightlifting to increase body weight and to increase the power result. The active substance methandienon.
– the drug acts for up to 7 hours, so the dosage will have to split;
– displays Dianabol for about 5 months;
– non-toxic for the liver if the dosage is within normal limits;
– during the course can be acne, but it happens very rarely;
– detains liquid.


After eating the active substance enters the cells, it activates energetic and metabolic processes, improves the absorption of enzymes, proteins and all micronutrients. Through these processes, the digestibility of the protein increases, and is accompanied by muscle growth. Also greatly increased strength, endurance, recovery, sleep after a hard workout. Dianabol still affects the breakdown of fatty tissue. The drug increases the synthesis of calcium increases the nitrogen balance.

During the course of Dianabol is able to increase the muscle mass up to 5 kg in a week. To avoid large rollback (reduction in muscle mass after a course), professionals suggest to use during the course aromatase inhibitors, in order to suppress the aromatization.

the Course Dbol is from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. For beginners, the dosage will be 30 mg daily. The dosage is divided into several receptions. Taken on an empty stomach, drink water. With experience You can increase the dose to 50 mg per day.

Side effects

Not recommended acceptance to the people with the problem of the liver, and the cardiovascular system. Side effects only appear at higher doses are acceptable.

Dianabol has a powerful effect, so it is so popular with athletes weightlifting and bodybuilding.

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