Methanobol 10mg (pills), British Dragon


Manufacturer: British Dragon.
Substance: Methandienone.
Packing: 10 mg/tab.

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Dianabol from British Dragon:

dbol British Dragon oral steroid with active substance Methandienone which is. Promotes rapid muscle growth (up to 8 kg at 1 year) and power indicators.

How to adopt

should Take dbol 40 mg a day, in the course of 6 weeks to two months, sometimes combining with the intake of injectable steroid Nandrolone decanoate or boldenone. As shown left on dbol reviews, the steroid is ideal for novice athletes because it allows for a short time to gain muscle mass and to greatly increase strength. Taking the drug, both solo and courses with sustanon, winstrol, boldenone and Nandrolone decanoate.

Side effects of

Welcome dbol can cause such side effects as fluid retention and gynecomastia, increase in blood pressure and acne. To avoid side effects, you must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage and included in the rate of Tamoxifen or Proviron.

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