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Nitrix (180 tablets) from BSN

you Want to force your muscle cells to grow at double pace, not increasing the amount of exercise and amount of protein intake?
Acting on the circulatory system, the active components of the drug Nitrix increase blood flow to the muscle cells, creating optimal conditions for their recovery and growth.

When creating Nitrix was conducted research, which resulted in the drug receiving which allows us to achieve unprecedented muscle-pump-effect!

Nitrix is used In the most efficient form of arginine, providing the synthesis of nitrogen oxide molecules in much larger quantities. This provokes the expansion of large and small capillaries and veins, directing significant amounts of dissolved in the blood amino acids, oxygen and other necessary elements to the muscle cells. br>
in addition, is rich in creatine matrix ensures the synthesis of ATP in the muscle cell, increasing endurance of an athlete, his strength and stimulating the accelerated growth of muscles. The developers were not limited to the standard form of creatine monohydrate, combined in the preparation of several of the most effective types of this substance.

For the best of the efficiency of creatine in the composition Nitrix contains a set of phosphates. After getting into the muscle cell, creatine is converted to phosphocreatine. Additional enrichment of the body with phosphates will make this process faster and can pull in the muscle cells of large amounts of creatine.

amount per serving BSN Nitrix 180 tab. (3 tab):

Arginine alpha keto-glutarate – 3000 mg

System of delivery and absorption of active ingredients (CRTS) – 1791 mg

the Hydrophilic matrix of the cellulose ether (Methocel);
Creatine ethyl ester beta-alanine, creatinol-O-phosphate-malic acid, sodium creatine phosphate, creatine AAB;
Set of phosphates – dicalcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, dicale phosphate;
NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

How to take BSN Nitrix 180

Three times a day 3 tablets on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before eating. For people weighing more than 90 kg, you can increase the dosage to 4 tablets taken three times a day.

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