SMT-h 100IU (vial), Inffarm St. Petersburg


Manufacturer: Inffarm St. Petersburg.
Substance: HGH.
Packing: 100IU

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SMT-h 100 U from Infarm Saint Petersburg:

In liquid form, stored 2 years, purity >99.6% of.

How to properly handle Somatropin SMT-h:

1) vial before injection rotate in the palms for even distribution of somatotropin by the buffer.

2) after opening the bottle, the rubber portion of the cap to wipe the alcohol pad. Also don’t forget to wipe with an alcohol pad to the injection site.

3) after the set of solution into the syringe, wait until the solution in the syringe will acquire the room temperature.

4) after injection promassiruyte the injection site.

5) in subcutaneous injections is not more to do 5ed hormone in one place, it is better to enter a small number preparty, evenly and throughout the area, in the left and right side of the body.

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